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Can meditation ease ‘back-to-school blues’?


Fall can be a stressful time for students, according to clinical psychologist and author Robert Puff, Ph.D., who writes for Psychology Today. He points out that with young people returning to school, parents need to be mindful of their children’s mental and physical health—and for that, a growing body of scientific… Read more

New research finds that college students reduce stress, anxiety, and “perfectionistic thinking” through TM


The simple, easily-learned Transcendental Meditation technique reduced stress levels, trait anxiety, depression, and “perfectionistic thinking” among 43 college students participating in a two-semester study at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, which was published in the Journal of College Student Psychotherapy. Read more

Arizona art school finds TM helps students be more creative


More than 350 schools all over the world have begun to incorporate the Quiet Time / Transcendental Meditation program as part of their curriculum during the past five years—thanks to the work of the David Lynch Foundation. See video post

College freshmen at 25-year low in emotional health, study says


Students rating their emotional health revealed the lowest levels since the question was first asked 25 years ago according to a UCLA annual survey of more than 200,000 American college freshman. See video post

Getting in the “zone”- Can Transcendental Meditation help?


Whether you just love the game of football and look forward to a game of pick-up with friends on a Saturday afternoon or you are an elite athlete on a pro- or college-level team, you want fast reflexes and an even quicker mind. You want the incredible, almost magical satisfaction of playing in the “zone.” Read more

Maharishi University of Management MBAs—bringing higher consciousness to business


As a businessman retired from the corporate world into my own small businesses, I sometimes reflect back on my corporate career and think about what went right and what went wrong. Fortunately, I believe more of it went right. See video post

Award-winning jazz student talks about the role of Transcendental Meditation in music


When Keelan Dimick was 13 years old, he took first place in the junior division of the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival competition. The odd thing was that Keelan hadn’t had any formal training in piano until four months before the competition. See video post

Agence France-Presse report: TM program helps de-stress schools in Brazil


Improved grades and better test scores, reduced stress and less anxiety, greater happiness and more inner peace. That is the forecast for more than one million students attending 1,000 public schools in Brazil’s second-largest city, Rio de Janeiro, who will soon get the chance to meditate twice daily during class. Read more

Pioneering school principal brings peace to inner city children


Dr. George Rutherford was one of the first educators to establish the Quiet Time program—a period at the beginning and end of the school day that allows school children to practice the Transcendental Meditation technique. See video post

College Students & ADHD: medication or meditation


Last week, a friend emailed me a link to a video of a recent “60 Minutes” television show reporting on a dangerous new trend on campuses: The pressure to do better in school that is driving many college students to abuse ADHD medications to attain mental alertness. See video post

Is sleep deprivation depriving our students?


I began my professional career with the David Lynch Foundation teaching Transcendental Meditation in an inner-city public middle school in a troubled neighborhood. I knew I would encounter new and unexpected experiences in this stressful environment, but one of the things that shocked me the most was how sleep-deprived students are these days. See video post

National Institutes of Health spotlights TM research


A recent study found daily Transcendental Meditation practice helps young adults decrease psychological stress and increase coping ability. For a group of students at high risk for developing hypertension, these changes also were associated with decreases in blood pressure. See video post

David Lynch Foundation: Teaching meditation to at-risk girls


At 6:00 am on February 18 I walked out of my home in the midst of a tough winter in the Midwest. It was dark and frigid, three degrees to be exact. I pushed a few last belongings into every spare inch of my little green Corolla, blasted the Read more