Comic: How NOT to practice Transcendental Meditation (part 1)

by Mario Orsatti on October 21, 2010

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There are many misconceptions about how to practice the Transcendental Meditation technique. Some people think it involves concentration or contemplation, while others think it is something that can be learned from a book. In fact, it is none of these things. The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, natural procedure that anyone of any background, age or gender can practice. There are now more than 6 million people worldwide who practice and enjoy the TM program.


The Transcendental Meditation technique does not involve any concentration or control of the mind. These practices keep the mind engaged in some way, for example, by focusing on an object like a candle or on something like your breath. Others keep us aware of thoughts or images. These practices keep the mind active in some way on the surface thinking level. The TM® technique allows the mind to simply, naturally and effortlessly transcend thinking and to experience a deep state of restfully alert consciousness. The holistic benefits that have been found to result from daily TM practice are the automatic result of this unique experience.


Stay tuned for part 2 of this comic series.

You can order this comic book by Denise Denniston here: The TM Book: How to Enjoy the Rest of Your Life


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  • Trent Briggs

    This is SO absolutely true. Just like life itself, when we concentrate on anything other than the present moment of what is in front of us, we lose the beautiful essence of the only thing that truly matters.

  • Evolving Entirety

    Yes, most truly, just like everything in this creation originates, sustains and merges back into this same All-Pervading Supreme Transcendental Self, just so, does, not only our mind, but heart, soul, senses and individuality too. From and to the ocean, – the wave,
    From and to the earth, – the seed,
    From and to Pure Being, – all nature and
    From and to Totality, – all this one and many.
    And the ETERNAL Source, Course and Goal of this Infinite Bliss Continuum -Transcendental Meditation within Transcendental Consciousness and Pure Consciousness within all this Unified Universal Wholeness –
    Moving and Non-moving,
    Dynamic and Silent,
    Thinking and Feeling,
    Self-referral and Self-interacting… Jai Guru Dev

  • Christa Gabanyi

    yes, you are right and the beautiful essence of what truly matters is my SELF, the source, course and goal of all streams of my life; past, present, and future melt into one, a state of greatest fulfillment and utter simplicity

  • jody

    i would like to hear from any-one who could teach me the basic practice of tm…..i live in s. fla ft. lauderdale area…..i want to experience my true self….lets get together to share this…..with love i send this out to my divine higher energies…..for a speedy response….jody …

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