“Maharishi, how does TM influence the practice of one’s religion?”

by Bob Roth on September 5, 2012

In the transcript below, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi discusses how the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique enhances the practice of an individual’s religion. It’s a message, Maharishi says, that applies to people of all faiths — Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Jainism — every religion.


“TM is a very great friend of religion. Knowledge of TM and its practice is a universal principle and universal practice no matter to what religion one belongs.

“Every man has to be a fully developed man and if a man is not fully developed, if his individuality has not come on the level of infinity, universality, then that man cannot be a successful man or a good religious man. He will not be a fulfilled man and therefore our movement desires people of all religions to meditate and become graceful members of their religion.

“An undeveloped man will always be a drag to any society, to any religion. A fully developed man of pure consciousness will live religious life spontaneously, without effort, so I think Christianity also, as any other religion does want all the people to enjoy the grace of God, to enjoy ‘the kingdom of heaven within,’ and with Transcendental Meditation pure consciousness grows very quickly, very automatically, and only in pure consciousness can a man live real good, successful, religious life.

“If pure consciousness is not developed, one cannot contrive religion in one’s life. Religion cannot be forced in one’s life, it can only be lived automatically, spontaneously, and therefore that is the reason why all good Christians start to meditate the moment they hear Transcendental Meditation will bring and develop very quickly pure consciousness, they all take it.

“See all these countries—Spain and all the South American countries—they are all deeply Catholic countries. The population is basically Catholic and there are many, many TM centers. The teachers of Transcendental Meditation are increasing in all those countries. Many people, when they start to meditate, immediately they begin to feel that they develop inside to their own religion. They become more deeply religious and therefore TM is a friend to all religions.

“It’s a surprise to hear how people—those who do not know what TM is—in ignorance people may say anything, but those who begin to know it, begin to enjoy it.

“The message of truth and reality is something which doesn’t change with the waves of time. The message of any religion is an immortal message to guide all mankind. It’s the same message; every religion teaches basically the same thing….

“The eternal message—‘The Kingdom of Heaven lies within you’—is a truth which will always have the same meaning. The meaning will not change. Within you is the kingdom of heaven, and therefore something that is within you can easily be gained by you. This is the truth of Transcendental Meditation, which is just an automatic procedure to get to the Kingdom of Heaven within.

“So the same eternal message broadcast from time to time from different teachers from different lands becomes a cognizable reality, an experiential reality through Transcendental Meditation. Therefore, seen from a religious light, Transcendental Meditation is a practical way for every religion to achieve the goal of any religion and every religion.

“So every devout Christian has to be a man of God, he has to have that insight into life and should enjoy that Heaven, that bliss consciousness, pure consciousness, which is deep within his mind, deep within his heart, deep within himself. That is the main thing.

“And this is what Transcendental Meditators experience in their life. As they start to dive deep within, they begin to feel better and the stresses are less and life becomes easier and ‘help thy neighbor’ becomes an instinct an inspiration to everyone. One doesn’t have to know from the teaching to know that ‘help thy neighbor’ is a good thing. It becomes a habit. So in this way one begins to live their religion. Living the religion is by developing pure consciousness. Religious life is life, which is spontaneously lived. It’s not a matter of thinking and doing good, but one is structured in doing good.”

–Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, from a 1971 interview in Majorca, Spain
The video below is an excerpt from a 1975 television program during which Maharishi is asked about TM and religion.


I’m a better Christian, a better priest because of this technique.”
–Father Len Dubi, Roman Catholic parish priest in Chicago for 45 years and a TM practitioner for 38 years.

CLICK HERE to watch a video of Father Dubi speaking on how the TM technique has benefited his life.

Rabbi Abe Shainberg

“TM leads me to better prayer, better service, and I feel I’m more on a path to God than ever.”
–Rabbi Abe Shainberg, New York City

CLICK HERE to watch a video of Rabbi Shainberg talking about his experience with the Transcendental Meditation technique.


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  • Stuart

    It was great to have an opportunity to read this transcript. I watched ‘the tape’ decades ago. The phrases from the transcript below, once puzzling, now resonate clearly in my mind. I KNOW these things now. It’s very very exciting for me, reviewing Maharishi’s message from so long ago as a benchmark, to see how much out of ignorance I’ve come since then!
    “…The Kingdom of Heaven lies within you—is a truth which will always have the same meaning. The meaning will not change.”
    (Back then for me, Heaven was still “up there”… now I KNOW Heaven lies within me, and I UNDERSTAND that that is an unchanging truth.)

    “people in ignorance will say anything.”
    (How simple and forgiving a phrase! I watch myself do this, and I watch others do this. It helps me realize we are all working as best we can from the truths we know are true or at least BELIEVE are true. It’s sure helped me to ‘love my neighbor.’)

    “Religious life is life, which is spontaneously lived. It’s not a matter of thinking and doing good, but one is structured in doing good.”
    (Through TM that structuring has taken root… slowly in me, I have to say…. like a tree growing without effort over years of time. And how do I know it has taken root and I’m “tree” now?.. by others commenting on the growth they see in me that for me has been impercepitable)

    “An undeveloped man will always be a drag to any society, to any religion. A fully developed man of pure consciousness will live religious life spontaneously…”
    (I have to admit that when I see people being a ‘drag on society’ I get angry with them and want them to stop it! Reading this, Maharishi has, just right now, signaled me to add value to my thoughts about this. Hard to get angry now. Now I wish the best for them in their development, and perhaps I can be somehow sometime instrumental in their development.)

    Thanks for this Newsletter!

    Stuart Pettigrew

    • K Arjunan Roy

      Hi Stuart, Reading your comment you have proven that your ‘roots’ are strong and well grounded. You have also proven that the ‘tree’ you had been ‘watering’ all these years had grown ‘tall’ with many ‘strong branches’.

  • Kathleen-Marie

    One’s prayers certainly become more effective on the most fundamental levels of reality when one practices this technique regularly, especially over time, but even after one meditation I certainly noticed it!! It’s always so special what one can do after meditating — to bring best wishes for the world out into the active realm of living. The deep silence at the bottom of the lake of Being, gently bubbles up to ripple on the surface, like laughter and well-Being.

  • http://www.handsofeye.com eJ

    This needs to be shown to more of the radical religion practices out there. it is designed for human beings to live closer to god. This should be shown to more religious leaders out there to stop the negativity that is found in religions not liking each other

  • Grazyna

    Human kind needs TM to connect them and coexist. I believe that one day this wonderful meditation can enter every work place and every school or colleges everywhere around the world. It can take a time, and needs more leaders.

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