Getting in the “zone”- Can Transcendental Meditation help?

by Mario Orsatti on January 6, 2011

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Whether you just love the game of football and look forward to a game of pick-up with friends on a Saturday afternoon or you are an elite athlete on a pro- or college-level team, you want fast reflexes and an even quicker mind. You want the incredible, almost magical satisfaction of playing in the “zone.”

Nick Edwards has been a defensive back for the Amherst College football team for the past two years. He knows what a mind-game football can be and what it’s like to battle with quick-witted quarterbacks and fleet-footed receivers. He also knows what it takes to win that battle and to have fun doing it.

College-Football“You’ve got to get into that ‘zone’—that place where you are super-clear and focused with no distractions in your mind,” says Nick. “You have to think super-fast so you can instantly sense how best to react.”

Nick says that his daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique has been a key to get in that state of mind especially in tense situations.

In the final game of the 2009 season with an undefeated record on the line, Nick made two key interceptions as part of a 26-21 victory over arch rival Williams College. “We needed to stop their momentum. My coach felt that those interceptions helped change the dimension of the game. I just love contributing like that, and I think that Transcendental Meditation has really helped me to do it,” Nick says. “Practicing TM helps me to focus and eliminate the noise that gets you distracted so that you can contribute your best no matter what.”

Coaches and players are increasingly aware that the most important part of any game is being played in the 6 inches between the players’ ears.

As Nick says, “You have just got to stay in the moment—fully committed, fully focused. Physical training—running, drills, lifting weights—isn’t enough. You need to train your mind and the coordination of your mind and body. Transcendental Meditation has really given me that. And it makes me feel whole and great.”

Nick-Edwards-4Nick has found that practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique has helped him off the field as well. In 2010 Nick was named to ESPN’s Academic All-District Team.

“I like striving for perfection in all aspects in my life,” Nick says. “I try to really achieve everything I can in everything I do. I think that TM has helped me have the natural kind of confidence I always seem to feel.”


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  • Evolving Entirety

    Intelligence and Energy together Constitute our Physiology. Energy follows thought and our thoughts depend on our Intelligence – our Inner Awareness. And its our Nervous System that works as the medium for this integration and co-ordination between our will and action.

    By providing deep deep rest, Transcendental Meditation helps in eliminating deep-rooted stress and pressure from the Nervous System, thus purifying and strengthening it by replacing Nervous Energy with Vital Life Force Energy.

    This rich energy compensation and rejuvenation in the physiology with the mind settling down more and more in Silence, results in increasingly coherent brainwave function responsible for greater focus, concentration, clearer thinking, decision-making and faster reflexes.

    Optimum performance, Self-confidence, broader comprehension, greater sense of joy and satisfaction and a stable internal frame of reference are thus very natural aspects of the unique state of – Restful Alertness that we are able to maintain for increasingly longer periods of time with the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

  • Robin

    Hello, I would like the TM teacher for Reno, NV to contact me again. I am a student.
    Thank you.


    Robin Fletcher

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