Government leaders in England use TM technique to reduce stress, feel calmer, sleep better

by Mario Orsatti on October 12, 2010

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Acute stress and deep fatigue are common features in the lives of government leaders everywhere. These factors take a negative toll, impacting health and the quality of leadership.

William Hague, the current Foreign Secretary in a Conservative-Liberal Democrats coalition government, is among a growing number of government leaders to speak publicly about the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique for life in the political fast lane.

Mr. Hague, 47, recently told The Times of London that he learned the Transcendental Meditation technique when he was a student at Oxford University and has practiced it regularly ever since. He said he finds time in his 15-hour work day to meditate because it makes him “calmer, have fewer headaches, and sleep better.”

Nick Clegg, 43, now Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, is another UK government leader who learned the Transcendental Meditation technique. Mr. Clegg started meditating as a student at Cambridge University and found it incredibly helpful when he was starting out with his career. “TM is an extremely good way to deal with the stresses of ordinary life,” Mr. Clegg said.

Mr. Hague began his career as an author. His biography of the 18th-century British politician William Pitt the Younger was named “History Book of the Year” at the National Book Awards. He later received an MBA and went on to hold several directorships before beginning a career in public service.

In 2010, after David Cameron became the Prime Minister, Mr. Hague took on the key government roles of First Secretary of State and Foreign Secretary. He is also the Member of Parliament for Richmond, in Yorkshire.

Mr. Clegg also serves as Lord President of the Council and Minister for Constitutional and Political Reform in the UK coalition government of Mr. Cameron. In addition, he is a Member of Parliament for Sheffield Hallam.

With Mr. Hague and Mr. Clegg having learned the TM technique, maybe a group meditation in Parliament would be a good idea. All in favor…


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  • robert macrae

    This goes to show us the going forward importance of the Students International Meditation Society back in that day.

  • Heather Lorenzon

    It’s good to see these high profile leaders are going public with their TM practice.For anyone working such long hours I think it’s an indispensable tool keep a clear head!

  • Marketa Lazarová

    nick clegg stated that he doesnt meditate anymore

    • Mario Orsatti

      As the Daily Telegraph reported in an interview with Mr. Clegg this past year, he had learned TM during his university education and practiced it regularly for several years. He mentioned in that interview that his TM practice had been of substantial benefit but that no longer takes the time to practice TM. Of course, he still has the TM technique in his toolbox, and now that he has entered a new period of greater responsibility and pressures, and given that he is open enough to talk publicly about his personal experience of the benefits of TM, it’s easy to imagine that he might re-establish his regular TM practice, especially since in their regular meetings he will have Mr. Hague cool and clear-headed nature to remind him of TM’s benefits.

  • Pourlebiendetous

    Great news indeed, may influence many other looking for stress reduction.
    Do you have any reference of publication or web address ?

  • greg kane

    Great news ….about time the worlds leaders who practise TM…
    the world will be a better safer and more peaceful loving world to live in

  • chef johnny

    group meditation in parliament, congress, united nations, its absolutely essential. unity in and separation out.

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