Watch David Lynch on National Television in France!

by Bob Roth on April 22, 2010

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Filmmaker David Lynch, founder of the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace, was featured this week on FRANCE 24, a government-funded international news and current affairs television channel in France. The interview came in response to David’s offer to support the French government’s effort to reduce the wave of terrible violence that is sweeping many schools in the country. The offer generated huge media coverage in television, radio, and print publications nationwide, including this interview.

• Below is Part I of David’s interview. (Note: There is a 6-second commercial before the interview starts.)

Here is an English translation of the press release reporting David’s offer to reduce school violence:

(Lille, France) Award-winning filmmaker David Lynch outlined a comprehensive plan to counter rising stress and violence in 10 French schools in high-crime neighborhoods through the introduction of the stress-reducing, nonreligious Transcendental Meditation technique.

Mr. Lynch presented his plan during a news conference Full press release

Of course, the problem of escalating violence is not restricted to France. Violence is in every country, in every community. If you would like to help David bring meditation to students, please contact us here.


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  • Quentin Tarantino

    David is such an great guy. I’d be lying to myself if I’d deny his ingenious thought force and his inspirational selflessness that touches those throughout the world that haven’t even seen or heard of the guy. And David giving children in need a meditation technique is amazing! The days of spoon feeding todays youth deadly pharmaceuticals, looks as if it could be possibly coming to an end. Anyways, good work David, and best of luck with your projects.

  • rob

    Quentin reads this blog – cool.

    Yeah David Lynch is the Man – he’s so good at speaking and making abstract ideas concrete.

    ~best wishes.

  • Amit

    What is so cool about David is some people know him for his films and then learn about TM and some people learn about TM and then watch his films. So its a win win regardless of the path.

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