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by Mario Orsatti on April 8, 2010

Dr. Oz

Mehmet Oz, M.D. is “America’s Doctor.” He is host of the nationally syndicated, top-rated “Dr. Oz Show“, as well as vice chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University in New York City where he performs more than 300 heart operations a year. Dr. Oz authored five New York Times bestsellers, including “YOU: The Owner’s Manual,” “YOU: The Smart Patient,” “YOU: On a Diet,” “YOU: Staying Young,” “YOU: Being Beautiful” as well as the award winning “Healing from the Heart.”

Dr. Oz says the catalyst for his desire to investigate alternative medicine and host a television show on healthy approaches to living was despair over his patients’ poor health choices.

“I grew up thinking that medicine would offer everything I wanted it to offer me. But it became progressively more frustrating to take people into the operating room when I knew they had created their own problems. If they’d known what to do differently, even a year or two earlier, they wouldn’t have needed the operation.”

That is why, unsurprisingly, Dr. Oz is committed to his own excellent health habits. The cover story in the current May/June 2010 issue of AARP magazine, Dr. Oz: America’s Hardest Working Doctor, reveals that America’s doctor does more than talk about healthy habits—he practices them. And daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique is one such key approach.

“….The doctor follows his own orders for healthy living, and it shows, both in the slender frame he reveals in close-fitting surgical scrubs and in his seemingly boundless energy—”electrifying vitality,” as Diane Sawyer puts it. His diet features fruits and veggies, grains, and lean protein. (Raw nuts soaked in water, in the Turkish style, are a staple.) He does Transcendental Meditation regularly and says his 20-year habit of daily yoga is “the most important health practice I have adopted.”

This is one doctor who does heal himself!

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  • adam Belok

    Our son Zac Belok first learned the TM technique at 4 or 5. He just remarked that on a recent school trip to Spain from NY, all the kids were tired from Jet lag on arriving there, But he meditated on the plane and had lots of energy the day they arrived.
    Now as a HS Junior he’s been chosen by Bentley University & Time Magazine s one of the 25 “2010 Tomorrow25 Award ” recipients for his non-profit:, collecting used soccer equipment for underprivileged kids in South America.
    Who knew? Let’s hear more of these!

  • Rick Levy

    Been doing TM since 1972, just turned 60, still tour playing rock n roll, and a grandad, and do bikram (hot) yoga 5 times a week..most of the class completely freaks when they find out I am a grampa..TM is the underlying
    stability and infinite space that lays the groundwork for all the relative accomplishments. Keep on keepin on.

  • James Bray, M.D.

    Been a TMer since ’75. For too many reasons to mention, there is nothing better!!

  • Joey

    Wow Rick! just checked out your site, and you DO rock! Keep bringing the music man. The world needs it.

  • Tricia

    Been a TMer since 1995. Went ahead (couldn’t help myself) and became a yogic flyer in 2000. Really, there is nothing more simple or giving in this world. Why are we not all doing it?

  • Aaron Starr

    Started TM Dec. 73, then went to M.I.U. in the fall of “74″. Wow.
    Learned yogic flying and the TM Siddhi’s in Israel in Nov. 78, as part of the “Invincibility for Israel” study that was happening worldwide.
    There is truly nothing as easy and simple as TM and what Maharishi has given to the world.


    This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and i am genuinely impressed to read everthing at alone place.

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