Oprah Winfrey talks TM with Dr. Mehmet Oz

by Mario Orsatti on December 8, 2011

On December 7, 2011, Oprah Winfrey was featured in a candid, one-on-one interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz as part of his nationally televised “The Dr. Oz Show.” During the interview, she discussed her life after the “Oprah Show,” and her aspirations for the future—including the very positive impact her practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique is having in her own life, and in the lives of her meditating 400 employees.


“For me at this time in my life I recognize that everything is about moving closer to that which is God. And without a full, spiritual center—and I am not talking about religion, I am talking about without understanding the fullness from which you’ve come you can’t really fulfill your supreme moment of destiny….

“I think that being connected to that which is greater than yourself, for me at this particular time in my life, is the most important thing and that’s what I am working on.

“One of the things I did in Next Chapter (Oprah’s new series which will be aired in January 2012) I went to visit a town called ‘TM town’ and it’s in Fairfield, Iowa. Would you imagine that in Fairfield, Iowa, a town with a population of about 9500, a third of the town meditates! There’s a traffic jam in Fairfield, Iowa at 5:30 pm with mothers, and doctors, dentists and lawyers, and engineers and clerks and soccer moms all headed to the dome in Fairfield, Iowa—people who look just like you and me—and they’re all there meditating.

“And in order to prepare for doing that show I brought Transcendental Meditation teachers into Harpo Studios to teach me and my team how to meditate. So we started meditating. Seven of us lead to 70, led to 270, led to now everyone in the company meditates. Nine o’clock in the morning, and 4:30 in the afternoon no matter what is going on, we stop and we meditate.

“And that way of being ‘still’ with ourselves—coming back to the center—and recognizing that something is more important than you, it’s more important than the work you are doing, brings a kind of energy and an intensity of energy, an intention that we have never had before.

“And you can’t imagine what has happened in the company. People who used to have migraines, don’t. People are sleeping better. People have better relationships. People interact with other people better. It’s been fantastic.

“So the one thing I want to continue to do is to center myself everyday, and make that a practice for myself because I am one thousand percent better when I do that, one thousand percent better when I take myself back to something bigger than myself.”


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  • Judy Mitchell

    My husband and I started TM for going on 3 months now we never miss a meditation twice a day everyday. We have a wonderful teacher here in Fresno California Michael Neer and are so lucky to have him in this area. After I read dr rosenthal’s book last spring I looked for 3 months for a teacher because I was convinced that was the only meditation I was going to learn and practice. Within just two months of the meditation good things were happening in my personal life. That’s why I started and searched for something to help me with my personal life. I felt I needed that inner peace to center myself because I had a lot of very hurtful things happen in my life. It works. I’m so happy I found TM I will never not let it be a part of my life. My husband thinks so too we are both retired and so happy with the outcome we are experiencing. I could go into more depth but it islengthy and still in the making. Everyone should meditate TM.


      Judy…..When I started TM 35 years ago, I experienced similar things, although my initial experience was a little more dramatic. I had been experiencing bouts of depression and panic attacks since childhood, manifestations of PTSD which was caused by whooping cough when I was four months old. I was put away for dead twice because my parents thought I had died. The terror I experienced and the subsequent, subliminal fear–of not being able to get oxygen to my lungs–stayed with me until the day I started meditating . . . both the panic attacks and bouts of depression ended that day and have not re-appeared.

      What I find most interesting about Oprah’s statements is “everything is about moving closer to that which is God.” . . . . . . and that TM provides a technique for doing that.

      All masters of authentic, divine wisdom have held that same view, which is the overarching theme of my novel; it would have been impossible to write it had it not been for TM.

  • http://www.brianjgreenberg.com Brian J Greenberg

    I have been on the fence about going through the TM program… but I think Oprah finally pushed me over the edge.

    • robyn field

      just saw this – i am going to as soon as i hook up with a teacher. did you do it yet?

  • http://www.steveshypnosis.com/blog Steve

    That is awesome to now have Oprah also practicing TM. I learned TM as a child thanks to my older sister being interested in it. I find it to be a great help for many things, including a relaxed clear thinking mind. I now reside in the Tampa area and we have some great TM teachers here also, Jim Vuille and Wendy Miles. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Traci

    I have looked into this meditation and would love to learn how to do it along with my husband and children, but the program for the four of us wouldbe around $5,000! It’s really too bad that they have to make so much money off of a certain technique that could really help people live better lives.

    • admin

      Traci, Thank you for your comment. We offer discounts for couples, children, and students. If you contact your local TM teacher here: http://bit.ly/p7hHga they can work out a price that is affordable for your family. Ask your local TM teacher about special reduced fees, grants, scholarships, work-study programs and other financial aid options.

  • Toni Stratos

    I meditated for short periods of time using the TM technique off and on for years. I recently have been asking what I can do to become more whole or at peace. I don’t know exactly what it is I’m looking for. After listening to Oprah talk about her life and TM I really want to start again and make it apart of my life. Thank you Oprah.

  • Alison Gilbert

    I have been meditating since 1973. It has had a tremendous impart on my life. It is at the core of what I do to take care of myself. I consider myself extraordinarily blessed to not only have learned to meditate but to also have been in Maharishi’s presence a number of times. I plan to meditate of the rest of my life and know that it has made an extraordinary difference. I do not know how people who do not meditate unstress. Unfortunately, many people turn to drugs, alcohol and other unhealthy techniques to dull the stress rather than be relieved of it.

  • menaka

    I met a TM teacher who was a fellow art student in the Master’s Program in Painting at Sacramento State in the early 70′s. He initiated me, my children, aged 4, 6 and 11 and partner into TM. Our household changed overnight. No more food fights at the table, or noisy roadtrips. I’d say “Kids, why don’t you say your mantras for awhile” and our station wagon would float along the road without a sound. Peace was the foremost pleasure of our family. The 2 younger kids had walking mantras and older girl had sitting mantra. I strongly recommend this to families. My kids were more peaceful and smarter in their school relationships. My son received a scholarship for private trombone lessons and started a paper business when he was 9. My younger daughter was put into the gifted program. It was the smartest thing I ever did as a parent. When we would go to be checked at the TM Center in Berkeley, the checkers would say, “Your kids could be checkers, They know the checking ritual by heart.” All of my painting ideas came from a long TM retreat at Cobb Mountain where I received all creative ideas from rounding for a show which was shown at the Walnut Creek Art Center in CA. TM brought creativity, peace and genius to our little family. I could tell when the little ones were saying their mantras. Tranquility crept in on little cat’s paws into our family and truly transformed our family. What a blessing Majarishi is to us all! I’m so glad Oprah is doing TM as I have loved her and her show for many years and Clint has made his best film ever, The Hereafter. I was at the original MIU which was in Santa Barbara at a 4 or 5 day retreat before it moved to Iowa and it’s permanent location. It also enabled me to start my own business in enlightenment workshops using video.

  • http://worldofpeace.com/ Chris

    I think that it’s fantastic that more and more celebrities are realising the many benefits of Transcendental Meditation. The more people that benefit by Transcendental Meditation, the more it will spread, and the further it spreads the more peace, happiness and joy will come into this world.

  • megha chandra

    I would really like to learn the technique but it should not be so expensive! It does not need to be. Celebrities can afford the high cost but not the average person.

    • admin


      Ask your local TM teacher about the reduced rates for full-­time students, couples, families, children, and those under financial hardship.

      To find a TM teacher in your area visit: http://bit.ly/nfWZ4f
      Or call: 1-888-LEARN TM (1-888-532-7686)

  • http://www.lucialorn.net Geoff Toane

    I have been practicing TM for over 40 years. I have always been regular practicing the technique. The reason that I am regular is that about a year after I started TM I was talking to my brother, a physician, and he said; ” I can’t wait until I do not have any more problems!” I said; “I can see how TM can reduce the number of problems that you have but problems are a fact of life. Everyone has them.” He said; “No there is a state of consciousness called Cosmic Consciousness when live one does not have problems.” At that moment the lights when on in my life. I thought; “If that state of CC is possible that is something to work towards.” I very seldom missed my twice daily practice of TM. I am happy to say that now I live a life without problems.

  • http://SchoolofThoughtMovie.com Surfs Up Studios

    Wonderful interview. And thank you Oprah and Harpo Productions for using clips of our film, SCHOOL OF THOUGHT in your movie about Fairfield, Iowa. Our movie stars David Lynch, Dr. John Hagelin, Donovan and Paul McCartney. There are also in depth interviews with students from the Maharishi School. We love Fairfield and it’s great to know your producers are making good use of the scenes we filmed in town. SchoolofThoughtMovie.com

  • http://XXXXX Robert S.

    I have been into TM for 37 years. I have found the the most important aspect of health is your metabolism. If all is well and functioning with metabolism you are in the best of health regardless of all the meaningless babble that you encounter during meditation; the body hears the message.
    I am now 81 and have no health issues, no prescriptions (drugs), no medical insurance, I haven’t seen a doctor in 40 years, work out daily on my Total Gym and walk my dogs for 40 minutes daily. I meditate twice daily and rarely miss as it moves so fast.
    You think you go to bed nightly to rest but in reality every aspect of you is a constant moving boiling body of perpetual energy 24/7 that never sleeps until you depart.

  • http://www.drmarkvinick.com Dr Mark Vinick

    I learned TM 40 years ago while in college in Chico, CA. My initial experience of meditation was life transforming. Within a short period of time I transformed from being addicted to all of the life damaging practices I was caught up in, to being able to discern what was life supporting vs. life damaging habits and behaviors. Of all the things I have learned in my life, I would clearly place TM, and the spiritual practices of Vedic Knowledge as the most valuable of all.

  • jack hawkins

    I just love Oprah and Dr. OZ! WHOOHOO!!!!

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