The importance of learning from a Certified Teacher

Only certified TM teachers can provide instruction in the authentic Transcendental Meditation technique.

In the U.S., the certification of TM teachers is available exclusively from Maharishi Foundation USA, a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. Certified TM teachers have successfully completed an intensive 5-month in-residence Teacher Training Course, and they maintain their certification through ongoing professional courses for TM teachers.

Cathy Montgomery

Cathy Montgomery

Cathy has been practicing TM since 1973 and has been a TM teacher since 1977. She has a B.S. in Psychology from Wayne State University, and an M.A. in Science Education from Maharishi International University. Cathy has spent her life teaching meditation and science, especially environmental science. She is currently the president of a non–profit environmental organization. She also enjoys the quiet land, water, and snow sports in northern Michigan’s lake country.

“It has been a great joy to teach Transcendental Meditation to people of all ages and stages of life because it helps each one naturally evolve into his or her best self. TM is the technique for success in life.”