• How TM® relieves stress

    People who come to me for relief from stress and stress-related disorders need an effective meditation that’s quickly mastered and produces consistent results.

    “Though TM is a mental technique, due to the mind-body relationship the practice has extensive physiological effects. TM allows the mind to settle very deeply inward—in a natural way. TM teachers call this ‘effortless transcending.’ It’s what sets TM apart and why the technique is so beneficial for mind and body, right from the start.

  • Stanford University study

    The TM® technique was found to be twice as effective as other techniques for stress and anxiety.

    The study was a meta-analysis of 146 independent studies, and was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.


No other ‘stress management technique’ has anywhere close to this
amount of hard data in support of its claims to reduce stress.

— Norman Rosenthal, M.D., Georgetown Medical School