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Terry Lang“TM has helped me find that deep, blissful rest. It quiets my chronic pain not only during TM but also during the day and night. It has given me new confidence and freedom. It’s helping my anxiety, which I have been plagued with my whole life. Each time I meditate, I feel the weight of anxiety and the world being lifted from my shoulders.”
—Terry Lang
Woodbury, MN

Alex Ledford“A year and a half ago my anxiety was so great, I barely felt like showing my face in public. Since I learned TM, anytime I leave the house, I feel a fearless sense of mastery of any social situation. TM has helped my self confidence by putting into perspective that all beings are worthwhile, including myself.”
—Alex Ledford
College student
Greensboro, NC

Ivana Kurtz“Before TM, I felt a lot of anxiety about the future. I was restless and didn’t sleep well. Since starting TM, I’m much calmer and don’t concern myself as much with what is going to happen tomorrow. There’s an ease that wasn’t there before, and I sleep much better.”
—Ivana Kurtz
School Teacher, mother
Minneapolis, MN

Do you lie awake at night worrying? Does anxiety limit your activities? Unfortunately, you are in good company. About 40 million American adults have a diagnosable anxiety disorder. Most of the rest are worriers.

Anti-anxiety drugs may be effective, but for some people they can be dangerously addictive. Many people opt to self-medicate with alcohol, cigarettes, overeating and other addictive behaviors—but these “treatments” only temporarily mask anxiety.

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TM technique

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A natural way to decrease anxiety

During the Transcendental Meditation technique, the mind effortlessly settles down to a state of inner calm and wakefulness while the body gains a state of deep rest. This unique state of “restful alertness” naturally dissolves stress and reduces anxiety. In fact, research shows that stress hormones, such as cortisol, are reduced.

After meditation, you feel more relaxed and your mind retains some of the inner calm gained during your practice—leading to clearer, more effective thinking.

How does TM compare to other techniques?

TM is twice as effective in reducing anxiety as Progressive Relaxation, the Relaxation Response, Concentration Meditation, EMG Biofeedback, and other techniques, according to a comprehensive meta-analysis of 146 studies conducted at Stanford University. Interestingly, the longer the people practiced TM, the greater the decrease in anxiety compared to controls.

What distinguishes TM is its holistic effect. It is like watering the root of a plant instead of just tending to the leaves. Over 350 scientific studies indicate that TM can benefit every aspect of life—mental, physical and emotional, for example:

  • Increased calmness
  • Decreased depression
  • Reduced symptoms of PTSD
  • Decreased insomnia

More than simply reducing anxiety, TM also enhances personal growth. It helps you develop your full potential and become the person you had always hoped to be. Those who regularly practice the TM technique experience a greater sense of well-being and an increased ability to handle stress leading to more fulfilling relationships, better health and improved quality of life.

The TM technique is complimentary to medical approaches to reducing anxiety. Chronic anxiety can be helped with TM, but the advice of a physician should be sought before decreasing the use of any medication.

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