About the TM Blog

What is the TM Blog?

This blog is dedicated to offering up a lively hub of fresh insight on forward-looking topics. Your TM blog will be covering key areas like Meditation and Yoga, Holistic Health, Sustainability, Business, Enlightenment, Physics and more.

Some of our resident blog authors are Dr. John Hagelin, Dr. Bobby Roth, Gina Orange, Mario Orsatti, Dr. Craig Pearson, Dr. Fred Travis, Dr. Gary Kaplan and more. These knowledgeable individuals will be keeping your content fresh, lively and fun. Also, guest writers will be strolling in our neck of the woods from time to time. Amongst others, our guest authors will consist of scientists, artists, and celebrities who practice the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Join us here, and please feel free to connect on your favorite social networks. This blog is a growing organism and your feedback, support, comments, questions, insights and ideas are genuinely welcome.

Meet the Blog Authors:


Who else will be delivering content?
In addition to our resident bloggers, the TM.org blog will have a host of guest bloggers. These writers will consist of scientists, artists, celebrities and more.