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6 Benefits Of Transcendental Meditation (And How You Can Get Started Today)


In a fun article published in Women’s Health magazine, Caitlin Carlson gives her stamp of approval for learning the Transcendental Meditation technique. And she offers six reasons to learn TM – including better workouts, lower risk of heart disease, improved productivity at work… Read more

Wall Street Is Taking To Transcendental Meditation Like Never Before, But Why?


Nicole Goodkind at The Daily Ticker explores the increasing pressures on stockbrokers and bankers, the growing concern over the epidemic of stress-related problems on Wall Street, and the role the Transcendental Meditation technique can play. Read more

The Power of Yoga and Transcendence


An interview with Jenny and Ian O’Laughlin, the owners of two yoga studios in the Detroit area. The two also practice the Transcendental Meditation technique and have found that the experience of transcendence is a powerful compliment to experience gained through yoga practice. Read more

A Symphony of Silence


Shortly after graduating with a degree in philosophy, George Ellis got a phone call from the Dean of Fine Arts at Sacramento City College. “I read your application,” the Dean said, “and we cannot find anyone to go to Folsom Prison and teach Philosophy, and you are our last hope.” Read more