“Daily Reset – A Look Into Transcendental Meditation”

“I’ve gained acceptance of others who I’ve often begrudged, and I’ve become far more likeable to a number of people who were irritated by the ‘my way or the highway’ attitude I once held dear and was proud of. My ego has died a little, which is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me, because the more the ego dies, the more one really begins to live.

“TM has enabled me to create a space between my thoughts and my actions. Read that again: TM has enabled me to create a space between my thoughts and my actions. It’s wild. So before I started meditating, I may have been in a situation where I reacted harshly and abruptly due to something that I felt was affecting me negatively. Now, if that same situation happens, there is a calm space, a serene environment that lasts maybe a few milliseconds but feels like an eternity before I act where I can actually ‘choose’ the reaction that I want to have. Now that’s true power.”

In October 2013 for his dedicated work in running The Summit, Josh was one of the winners of the 2013 Leaders Award presented by the popular men’s magazine GQ–Gentlemen’s Quarterly. The annual award is meant to raise awareness for the issues essential to modern men.

On top of the honor that goes with it, the award provides the winners with significant sum of money which they can award to their favorite charity. Josh chose to support the David Lynch Foundation with his award.

“My donation as a winner of the 2013 Leaders Award is being made to the David Lynch Foundation, to support their efforts teaching veterans and at-risk youth Transcendental Meditation – the gift that keeps on giving.”