Your TM Stories: It Was Like A Nice, Warm, Steady Light Was Turned On Inside Of Me

We recently asked our Transcendental Meditation Facebook followers to send us their stories about learning and practicing the TM technique. Here are some of the responses we received!

Kristy Ewing – “It was like a nice, warm, steady light was turned on inside of me.”

“When I was a young graphic designer, working on a TV series called Twin Peaks, David Lynch told me about TM in a brief conversation over a cup of coffee. That was 25 years ago. I didn’t run out and find an instructor. (Oh how I wish I had!)

“Over the years I’d have times when depression or anxiety would get in the way of happiness, and I could tell it stood in the way of my creativity too. That’s pretty important to me since I make a living being conceptually creative.

“Three years ago I finally learned TM. Although I had wanted to learn TM for years — it was my husband who recognized that we needed to make it a priority. Business was slow at the time and cash flow was tight; still, he insisted.

“The day I was given my mantra and started meditating it was like a nice, warm, steady light was turned on inside of me. Blue moods and anxious moments still happen, of course, though not nearly as much, and they are very easily alleviated when I take a few minutes to meditate. Thank you, David Lynch!”

Kyle Kranich – “TM has enabled me to move forward with my life.”

“I started doing TM on Valentine’s Day just this year. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 4 years ago at the ripe age of 21, and I have been looking for any kind of solution that would improve my quality of life.

Kyle KranichLearning TM has been a game-changer. When my body was failing me, my mind was in a similar state. TM has enabled me to move forward with my life, despite crippling obstacles. I am so thankful for my teachers, for Maharishi, and for being given the tools needed for a fulfilling life.”

(Also pictured are Kyle’s wife and mother, who have both learned the TM technique as well.)

Scott Goolsby – “It is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

“I am a PhD candidate in Asian philosophy and religion… As someone who has been in contact with many rich spiritual traditions of the world, I have, out of spiritual and intellectual curiosity, studied and practiced many forms of meditation.

“I had heard of TM when I was a teenager, but I never had the opportunity to learn until about a year ago. I often explain to people that it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. In my personal experience, it has been the easiest and most effective technique I’ve ever practiced, and it continues to unfold and go deeper with each passing day. I absolutely love TM and look forward to my daily sitting sessions. It’s honestly an amazing technique.”

If you’d like to share your TM story, send it to We’d love to hear from you!