I Remember Thinking I Couldn’t Believe I’d Lasted this Long on the Planet Without It

Our guest blog today is by Sara Schiralli. Sara is a singer, songwriter, actress, and all-around creative person.

“My journey with all things spiritual started at a very young age. I would say yoga was my first introduction to these realms at the age of nine. My mother was given a yoga book by a friend to help her with her anxiety at the time, and so we would practice together. This was way before there was a yoga studio on every corner or even the internet. I understand so clearly now why yoga was created for people to be able to be still enough to meditate.

Cut to being an adult, and my search for the right meditation practice seemed endless before I found the TM technique five and a half years ago. It totally transformed my day-to-day routine. I remember thinking, when I found it, that I couldn’t believe I’d lasted this long on the planet without it, to be quite honest.

A few months ago, I received news that my father, who had spent his last years in Italy, had passed away, not being able to get a physical hug from my mum and loved ones was a challenge. Being in lockdown during this time added an extra dimension to my meditation practice,

This has been a time when so many people have lost loved ones and are isolating in grief and numbing their way through the pain. I found myself diving much deeper into my meditations. I have been really experiencing the feeling of completeness. A sense of wholeness and oneness… and definitely not needing what I initially thought I did before the meditation began. Another way to describe it would be self-love. I’ve talked about it many times but feeling it is a very different experience. In completely letting go, I’m transcending, and to me, it feels like floating in many ways. My lockdown experience has been more like an awakening than a lockdown.

We all live in a very competitive external world. Being still is regarded as a luxury and many people have no idea how to even locate their true selves, let alone connect. Regular TM practice will get you there, no doubt. Awakening is really the only way we can live in an authentic and connected way; meditation is really the gateway to this. I couldn’t be more grateful to have this meditation practice.”

If you’d like to check out Sara’s music you can find her on Spotify.

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