TM helping people in Ireland cope with the global financial crisis?

A Sunday feature story in The Independent, one of Ireland’s leading newspapers ran with the title, “The answer to happiness lies within us.” Irish newspaper suggests it might. Columnist Barry Egan writes that as times gets tougher, “many people are searching for a more meaningful existence, and Transcendental Meditation (TM) is providing the answer for some; myself included.”

“It’s obvious that many people in Ireland have become very disillusioned with life,” Noel O’Neill, one of Ireland’s leading TM teachers, told Egan. “The material dream that had been held up to them has been pulled out from under their feet and many are left with nothing but debts and a life-long mortgage. Even the people who are not financially crippled are facing ever-increasing levels of stress. TM is becoming increasingly recognized as a means of dealing with these stressful situations. When we practice TM we become aware of an inner aspect of our lives, a silent level of our minds which is untouched by the chaos going on around us. We discover a sense of happiness which is dependent on nothing else but ourselves, we become more self-reliant and don’t let our situation overwhelm us,” Noel says, adding that the new site — — contains endorsements of TM by the likes of David Lynch, Paul McCartney, Clint Eastwood, Jerry Seinfeld and a whole host of Irish TM luminaries like Dr Donn Brennan.

The new TM-Ireland website contains a wonderful video of the Belfast Peaceline project going on in Northern Ireland. You can view it by clicking here:

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