Judy Greer Takes Us Inside An Unusual LA Public School, Where Students And Teachers Practice Transcendental Meditation

Yesterday AOL Originals released a 7 minute short directed by Judy Greer as part of their IN SHORT web series. In the video, Judy shares her love for the TM technique by taking viewers inside an Aspire Public School in LA, and interviewing students and teachers who have learned TM as part of the David Lynch Foundation’s Quiet Time Program. Watch the video below to hear parents, students, teachers, and Judy share how TM has affected their lives and the lives of those around them.

One student says, “There were these days before that I had anxiety, and had to worry about whether I would get it during Biology or Algebra. After TM, I felt my worries going away, along with anxiety. When I meditate, it takes out all the tension inside of you and it’s really calming.”

A parent adds, “Once meditation began, he started to get along with us. I see him more peaceful, more relaxed. I have seen a lot of changes in him since he started meditating.”

Judy concludes, “I was really excited to see the change in the kids. It’s a real success story. I wish I would of learned to meditate at their age.”

Judy Greer is best known for her role in Arrested Development, of which debatably every character could benefit from a little meditation.