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An Interview with Lawrence Eyre, “National Tennis Coach of the Year”


Eleven-year-old Lawrence Eyre loved tennis from the first moment he set foot on court. He learned to play in the public parks of Moline, Illinois, and in high school he became the Quad-Cities singles and doubles champion. At Yale University he varsity lettered his freshman year… Read more

New research looks at brain integration in top athletes and in long-time meditators


Peak performers have significantly higher degrees of brain and psychological development than the average population, according to a new study of brain functioning and measures of psychological development. Read more

Women college athletes train with TM


If you are like me, and most other vegetable-loving Americans, the word “squash” probably conjures up an image of succulent green zucchinis, yellow squash, or butternut squash. The last thing that would come to my mind is a highly competitive sport, which, to those of us uneducated in the world of this particular athletic endeavor, looks remarkably like racquetball. Read more