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“The Space Between” –TED Conference Explores the Value of Meditation


The December, 2012 TEDxWomen conference in Washington, DC included a fascinating talk by Dr. John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist, science and public policy expert, speaking about the value of meditation as a powerful tool for health… Read more

“Evidence Suggests Meditation Should Be Included in Government-Sponsored Health Programs”


More people still die from cardiovascular disease than any other illness. Dubbed the number one killer and the silent killer, modern medicine has been researching and incorporating complementary and alternative approaches to… Read more

Great new book: “Transcendental Meditation: The Essential Teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”


Jack Forem, a student at the University of California, first met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1966 when Maharishi lectured on Transcendental Meditation on the Berkeley campus. “I was impressed by Maharishi’s wisdom, practicality, and humor,” Jack recalls. Read more

The family that meditates together


It was 30 years ago when a TM poster in an El Paso store window caught the eye of José Gutierrez. “I went to an introductory lecture on the technique, and that was it,” José says. “I found what I was searching for. From the first meditation, I experienced unbelievable energy, and it just kept getting better and better.” Read more

“Half of all Americans will suffer from mental health woes” –CDC Report


As important as our physical health is, our mental health is even more important. It colors our perception of our health and our environment. It has been said: “The world is as we are,” and if we are caught in the depths of depression or overwhelmed by anxiety, it is as if our entire world… Read More

New study: TM Reduces Health Care Costs by 28%


For the average American family of four, the total cost of health care each year is now a whopping $19,393—more than double what it was nine years ago… Read More

Can Transcendental Meditation help those suffering from diabetes?


Endocrinologist Sandeep Chaudhary, M.D., and cardiologists Robert Schneider, M.D., and César Molina, M.D., answer questions about effects of the Transcendental Meditation technique on Type 2 diabetes.Read more

Helping African American women with diabetes


African American women with diabetes greatly reduced their stress levels and improved their condition of “dyslipidemia” through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, according to a first-ever study we presented during the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting and Exposition in Philadelphia last November. Read more