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I Was Certain I Knew What Meditation Was And That It Wouldn’t Benefit Me


I was reluctant to learn TM for several reasons. As an avid practitioner of yoga, I had read many books and taken many courses on meditation… That’s the mind for you! You find a precious jewel and then toss it away because you feel you have enough or perhaps already have something exactly the same thing. Read more

The Power of Yoga and Transcendence


An interview with Jenny and Ian O’Laughlin, the owners of two yoga studios in the Detroit area. The two also practice the Transcendental Meditation technique and have found that the experience of transcendence is a powerful compliment to experience gained through yoga practice. Read more

“Half of all Americans will suffer from mental health woes” –CDC Report


As important as our physical health is, our mental health is even more important. It colors our perception of our health and our environment. It has been said: “The world is as we are,” and if we are caught in the depths of depression or overwhelmed by anxiety, it is as if our entire world… Read More

British designer Amy Molyneux recommends TM for ‘living your full potential’


British fashion designer Amy Molyneux starts her day with the Transcendental Meditation program, which she describes as “yoga for the brain,” according to a news story in the Sky Showbiz column. Amy and her design partner Percy Parker, who also practices the TM technique, created the fashion label PPQ in 1992 developing a design style that continues to set trends for London’s fashion scene. Read more

TM & the effect of “ahimsa” in the Yoga Sutra


In the Yoga Sutra, the first of the eight limbs of yoga is called yama. Yama has five aspects, beginning with ahiṁsā, which means ‘non-injury’ or ‘non-violence.’ Mahatma Gandhi made ahiṁsā famous when he mobilized all of India to free itself from British domination without firing a shot. Martin Luther King, Jr., the head of the civil rights movement in the U.S., was one of many who were influenced by Gandhi… Read more

Samadhi is the beginning, not the end of Yoga


This article is for yoga people—for the throngs who have re-discovered this ancient yet very sophisticated approach to exercise. Tens of millions have taken up yoga because it’s gentler and kinder to the body, yet fun and challenging, and effective in promoting overall fitness. Read More

Maharishi on the complete meaning of Yoga


During an international news conference held in 2007 from Maharishi European Research University in Holland, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi answered a question from a reporter on the widespread practice of physical yoga postures, which has become a trend throughout the world. Maharishi was asked his advice for people who practice this physical form of Yoga. Read more