Joe Rogan and Tom Papa on Transcendental Meditation

Is it true that a person only has so much bandwidth in a day?

“We’re all just frazzled and running out of steam at a certain point, your nervous system is shot. All that stuff that’s happened just between seven o’clock and three o’clock, whatever happened, your nervous system has been dealing with a ton of stimulus all day long. [Transcendental Meditation] gives you a reboot… Effortlessly, without struggle, I’m able to just sail, like I did between 9 and 12 that day.”

Joe Rogan: How long have you been doing [Transcendental Meditation]?

Tom Papa: I’ve meditated since college, just out of reading books, and then, probably about three years ago, my friend who did Transcendental Meditation said…”Go just see if it dials you in. Actually, the stuff you’re doing, the way you talk about meditating, it sounds more laborious, it sounds like you’re doing too much work. Just go talk to this guy.” And I did. For like three, four sessions, I went and just talked to this guy here in LA who’s a Transcendental Meditation teacher and he just explained it and dialed me in on it and for the last three, four years…I haven’t missed a day.

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