US Marine Sgt. Thrasher Was Skeptical, But He Was Out Of Options

Sgt. James Thrasher of the US Marine Corps is one of thousands of veterans and soldiers practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique, many of whom were dealing with inner turmoil from war: “I was interested in the TM program but I was skeptical at the same time. The power of the TM meditation—it really came out fast, and it was surprising to me. Having that inner peace after meditation really emboldened me to deal with things that I’d been just kind of stuffing away. To be able to have relief from agitation, have relief from anger, frustration, sleeplessness, alcoholism, drug addiction… that’s huge.”

The Video: Produced and edited by the David Lynch Foundation, as part of their Operation Warrior Wellness initiative to bring the TM technique to 10,000 veterans and their families. The TM technique was found to reduce symptoms of PTSD by 40-55% in one study, and another suggests it may help prevent PTSD.

The Technique: Transcendental Meditation is a simple, natural technique practiced 20 minutes twice each day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It is easy to learn and enjoyable to practice, and is not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle. Over six million people have learned it — people of all ages, cultures, and religions — and over 350 published research studies have found that the TM technique markedly reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and promotes balanced functioning of mind and body.