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A healthy heart for an active life

Four surprising findings

Why TM is so effective for heart health (video 2:14)

You already know that reducing stress is good for your health. But are you aware of the remarkable effect the Transcendental Meditation technique has on your heart health? Here are findings from major research studies:

1. Lower blood pressure

In its journal Hypertension, the American Heart Association reported that the Transcendental Meditation technique is the only meditation practice shown to lower blood pressure.

blood pressure chart blood pressure chart


Patients with high blood pressure who learned the Transcendental Meditation technique showed a significant reduction of systolic and diastolic blood pressure after three months, in contrast to those randomly assigned to a control technique or to those who received health education on how to reduce blood pressure through diet and exercise. Reference: Hypertension 26: 820–827, 1995.

2. Reduction in heart attack and stroke

A five-year study - published in the journal Circulation - on patients with coronary heart disease reported a 48% reduction in heart attack, stroke, and death among those practicing the TM technique compared to controls.

heart attack chart heart attack chart


Schneider RH, Grim CE, Rainforth MA, Kotchen TA, et al. Stress reduction in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease: Randomized controlled trial of Transcendental Meditation and health education in Blacks. Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes. 5(6):750-8, 2012.

3. Decrease in high cholesterol

This study in the Journal of Human Stress found that people with high cholesterol who practice the TM technique had a major reduction in cholesterol levels compared to a control group.

cholesterol chart cholesterol chart


Cooper M. J., et al. Transcendental Meditation in the management of hypercholesterolemia. Journal of Human Stress 5(4): 24–27, 1979.

4. Reduction in atherosclerosis

This study, published in Stroke, found that those who learned the TM technique showed reduced thickening of the carotid artery. In contract, the control group who received health education on diet and exercise had continued thickening of this artery.

atherosclerosis chart atherosclerosis chart


Castillo-Richmond A, Schneider RH, Alexander CN, Cook R, Myers H, Nidich S, Haney C, Rainforth M, Salerno J. Effects of stress reduction on carotid atherosclerosis in hypertensive African Americans. Stroke 2000 31(3):568-573

Questions? Want to learn more? Find a TM teacher

Questions? Want to learn more? Find a TM teacher