Valerie Gangas

"I hadn't read anything about meditation, hadn't thought about it or even wondered about it, but I was in such a dark place after my mother's death, one morning, I made the call.

"Within days, off I went to a Transcendental Meditation center in Chicago. Even upon entering the center's lobby, I felt a bit calmer. Huh, I thought, these people who work here are super different. They were so chilled and completely filled with love; it was immediately clear to me they were there to help me. My next thought was, I'm here, so I might as well learn how to do this.

"In twenty minutes, my whole life had changed. I woke up and realized everything I thought I knew was wrong. My life was no longer defined by outer circumstances. I was having a direct experience of what I have come to know as my true Self.

"Today I still sit for 20 minutes twice a day and meditate. The benefits have continued to grow, and my inner peace has remained a constant. My ability to focus, stay calm, and continuously be present is the gift that keeps on giving. TM was the magic bullet that never stopped working and for that I say, thank you, thank you, thank you."