Income-based TM Course Fee

What's included:

TM is taught by a non-profit organization.

Annual Household Income (AHI)*

Category A: Receiving federal assistance **

Ask us about our special grant

Category B: Less than $50,000

Four monthly payments of $125

Category C: $50,000 - $99,000

Four monthly payments of $185

Category D: $100,000 - $199,000

Four monthly payments of $215

Category E: $200,000 or more

Four monthly payments of $240

* AHI is the combined gross incomes (before taxes and expenses) of all members of your household.

** Federal low-income aid programs include Medicaid, Welfare (TANF), Food Stamps (SNAP), Disability Benefits, etc. Others with low income may also apply for a special grant.

The income-based fees are supported by special funding for this location.

Optional one-time payment

Category A: TBD  •  Category B: $500  •  Category C: $740  •  Category D: $860  •  Category E: $960