The TM course

Intro Talk (60 minutes, including Q&A)

The first step is an intro talk by certified TM teachers.

One-on-One Interviews (15 minutes)

Certified TM teachers meet individually with course participants.

Personal Instruction (90 minutes)

One-on-one instruction in the TM technique with a certified TM teacher.

Group Instruction Sessions (3 days, 90 minutes per day)

Meetings on each of the next three consecutive days immediately following the day of personal instruction. During these sessions, additional guidance and instruction is provided.

10-Day Follow Up Session (60 minutes)

This group session will be scheduled approximately 10 days after the TM course to verify that TM practice is easy, enjoyable and providing maximum benefit. 

Monthly Follow Up Sessions (60 minutes)

Additional group follow up sessions will be scheduled for an agreed upon number of months following TM instruction.

Optional Personal Tune-Ups (40 minutes)

Individual or small group TM tune-ups are available and can be arranged between the local TM teachers and participants.

Course Fee

The TM course fee is $740 per employee. The fee covers the full course described above, plus a lifetime of support at any US TM center. The Satisfaction Guarantee is included as specified in the TM for Work agreement.

For TM instruction at the business's site, the TM teachers' time and travel costs may be an additional charge.