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“The Joy of Quiet” — New York Times


A wonderful article by Pico Iyer in the New York Times—“The Joy of Quiet”—speaks to the importance and enjoyment of ‘quiet time’, a time apart from the frenetic world, including the Internet. Taking time out for rest or recreation is nothing new. Yet, recently more and more of us… Read more

“Half of all Americans will suffer from mental health woes” –CDC Report


As important as our physical health is, our mental health is even more important. It colors our perception of our health and our environment. It has been said: “The world is as we are,” and if we are caught in the depths of depression or overwhelmed by anxiety, it is as if our entire world… Read More

PTSD & The Brain: How TM Can Help


Now more than ever we are aware of the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on veterans returning from the front lines of wars in the middle east… Read more

Why does music attract our mind?


What is it about music that attracts us? Perhaps what we hear resonates deeply within our nervous system. In fact, while we listen to music, so much of the brain is activated – not only the temporal lobe, known for its role in sound recognition… Read more

Giving your mind some healthy “downtime”


Recently, much has been written about our new “plugged-in” society. A recent feature story in the New York Times highlighted the potential dangers to healthy brain functioning that can result from the incessant use of our modern digital communication devices. Read more

Transcending and the Senses of Perception


The range of human sensory perception never ceases to amaze me. Our ability to savor the complexities and details of tastes, smells, textures, as well as the visible and audible world is nothing short of astonishing, given our biologic machinery. Read more

A Neurologist on the Origins of Creativity in the Brain


I have always been impressed by clear and simple displays of creativity in the arts and sciences. There are those who bring out something new and important in such a natural way. As a neurologist, I have a natural curiosity about what happens differently in our brain when we create. Read more



Spring is in all its glory here in the northeast, and the colors and scents are almost overwhelming. There is such a sense of renewal after a cold wet winter, and that renewal signals a life that is sweeter and more energetic than what came before. It is renewal.. Read more

A neurologist’s first blog post


Though blog etiquette might not demand it, I think it best to start with a brief introduction to the blogger. I did my undergraduate work at Cornell University in the early 1970s, and this is where I first discovered… Read more