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The 3 steps to learn TM

  1. Attend free introductory talk by a certified TM teacher Find your local TM teacher for a schedule What you’ll learn:
    • Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety
    • How TM improves brain function and memory
    • What happens during TM
    • Why anyone can practice TM
    • Why TM works from the start
  2. Meet privately with a certified TM teacherThis free personal discussion normally takes place right after the intro talk
  3. Take the TM course 4 consecutive days plus follow-up session:

    Day 1: Personal instruction (1–2 hours)

    One-on-one instruction in the TM technique with a certified TM teacher
    Note: TM course fee is required at this step .

    Days 2 to 4: Small group sessions (60–90 minutes per day)

    Additional guidance and instruction on the TM technique based on your personal experience.
    Group size capped at less than 10 people. Private meetings also available. Contact your local TM teacher for details.

    Follow-up session* (1 hour)

    A small group session (with Q&A), and a one-on-one “tune-up” to ensure your Transcendental Meditation practice is easy and enjoyable, and you’re gaining maximum benefit.

    * Group follow-up — about 10 days after personal instruction.
    One-on-one tune-up — on or after the day of the group follow-up.