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Double the reduction in anxiety levels

A Stanford University meta-analysis of 146 independent studies found that the TM technique is twice as effective at reducing anxiety when compared to other meditation techniques.

20.5% decreased severity in psychological distress

A 2016 study published in Military Medicine demonstrated TM practice is a powerful treatment of psychological distress and other symptoms of PTSD.

Essential mental health benefits

  • Up to 30% lower cortisol

    TM practice can reduce stress, as indicated in a research study which found that plasma cortisol decreased by 30%. Lower cortisol is associated with a strong immune system, feeling more energetic, and many other benefits.

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  • Improve focus for people with ADHD

    In a 2011 pilot study, students diagnosed with ADHD showed improved ability to focus, organizational skills, and capacity for independent work after 3-6 months of TM practice.

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  • Up to 55% reduction in PTSD and depression

    50% of veterans participating in a 2022 study no longer met the criteria for having PTSD after practicing the TM technique for 3 months, compared with just 10% of the control group receiving standard therapies.

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How TM reduces stress and anxiety

watch the video with Jennifer Ashton, MD, in partnership with the David Lynch Foundation.

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Research on the effect of TM on stress and anxiety

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The TM technique also deepens sleep, improves heart health, increases creativity, and more.