The TM technique reduces:


high blood pressure

heart attacks


high cholesterol


How TM 
 helps people

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6 times more effective at reducing blood pressure

TM has been shown to reduce high blood pressure. This study showed a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure when compared with control techniques and health education.

44% decrease in insulin resistance

Research shows a 44% decrease in insulin resistance in patients with coronary heart disease.

Essential health benefits

  • 44% decrease in insomnia

    After three months of TM practice, research shows significant reductions in insomnia, as well as other measures of wellness and burnout.

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  • 48% lower risk of heart attacks and strokes

    A randomized, controlled trial of 200 individuals with coronary heart disease showed major risk reductions of death, myocardial infarction, and strokes.

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  • −14 mg/dL reduction in cholesterol

    A meta-analysis of research exploring the impact of TM practice on cholesterol levels found an average reduction of 14 mg/dL, among 245 participants.

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The TM technique reduces cholesterol, decreases biological age, and allows for deeper, more restful sleep. Start your journey by connecting with a local instructor today.

How TM improves heart health

watch the video with Dr. Susan Steinbaum, Lennox Hill Hospital, in partnership with the David Lynch Foundation

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Attend a group info session (in person or online) to learn more about TM from a certified TM instructor, including why it’s unique, how it works, and what makes it so effective.

Research on the effect of TM on heart health and sleep quality

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Explore the other benefits of TM

The TM technique also reduces anxiety, increases creativity, improves memory, and more.