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The technique for
inner peace and wellness

The only meditation that's:

  1. Absolutely effortlessAnyone can do it — even children with ADHD
  2. Taught one-on-onePersonalized instructionPersonalized instructionPersonalized instruction with a certified TM teacher
  3. Evidence–basedHundreds of published research studies
  4. GuaranteedYour assurance that TM is highly effective
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Transcendental meditation is a simple, natural technique... This form of meditation allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort.

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Transcendental Meditation doesn't focus on breathing or chanting, like other forms of meditation. Instead, it encourages a restful state of mind beyond thinking... A 2009 study found Transcendental Meditation helped alleviate stress in college students, while another found it helped reduce blood pressure, anxiety, depression and anger.

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Perhaps its greatest benefit is that it's relatively quick to learn and easy to master. No waiting weeks or months of practice before you see results: TM cuts right to the chase, taking only days — or for some, minutes — before one feels reprieve from their painful and overwhelming thoughts.

What is the TM technique?

It's an effortless technique for "recharging your mind and body" — and creating a brighter, more positive state of mind.

Hundreds of published research studies have found that TM is highly effective on stress and anxiety stress and anxiety stress and anxiety, brain function brain function brain function, and cardiovascular health cardiovascular health cardiovascular health.

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How TM works

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How is TM different?

Number One

Absolutely effortless

  • No concentrating
  • No control of the mind
  • No mindfulness (monitoring of thoughts)
  • No trying to "empty the mind"

Anyone can do it, even children with ADHD

Number Two


TM has been proven effective for stress and anxiety, clarity of mind, and more. We guarantee it.

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I have been a meditator for years, but recently learned TM. It has been a game changer for me... Overall, I am more balanced and at ease.- Peg Samuel, Founder of Social Diva Media

Comparing meditation techniques

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What are the evidence-based benefits?

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How do I learn?

The TM technique is taught in 4 sessions on consecutive days.
It can be learned only through personalized one-on-one instruction from a certified TM teacher. Course info

Find a local certified TM teacher

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How it changed my life

three-years-of-transcendental-meditationthree-years-of-transcendental-meditation i-woke-up-and-realized-everything-i-thought-i-knew-was-wrongi-woke-up-and-realized-everything-i-thought-i-knew-was-wrong my-only-regret-is-that-i-didnt-find-this-practice-twenty-years-agomy-only-regret-is-that-i-didnt-find-this-practice-twenty-years-ago
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Can I learn TM from a book or video?

Imagine trying to learn a natural golf swing or the violin. You know how valuable it is for a good teacher to show you the proper technique.

The TM technique is easy to learn, but requires personalized interactive guidance. For this reason, it's taught only through one-on-one instruction by a certified TM teacher.

There is no other way to learn the authentic TM technique — and there is no evidence that anything else provides the full range of benefits documented in the published research on the TM technique.

What happens during TM?

The TM technique allows your mind to easily settle inward, through quieter levels of thought, until you experience the most silent and peaceful level of your own awareness — pure consciousness.

What if I'm not good at controlling my mind?

No problem at all. Unlike other forms of meditation, TM practice involves no concentration, no control of the mind, no contemplation, no monitoring of thoughts. It is completely effortless.

What if I'm skeptical?

The TM technique's effectiveness is the same whether you believe it will work or are completely skeptical. That's because it automatically and effortlessly allows your active thinking mind to settle down to a state of deep inner calm.

What is the TM course fee?
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Taught by a non-profit organization

TM is taught in the U.S. by Maharishi Foundation USA, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. All revenues from course fees go entirely to support the organization's educational and charitable initiatives in the U.S. and around the world.

As a non-profit, the Foundation has no owners or shareholders. No board members or other individuals profit financially from the organization's programs.

Transforming the lives of over 500,000 victims of traumatic stress

Helping those in need

More than 500,000 full TM scholarships have been given to at-risk children, military veterans, domestic violence victims, homeless people, and others in need, through partnerships with the David Lynch Foundation and other non-profit organizations.

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