In-person course

On an in-person TM course, all four core sessions are hosted at a TM Center. Session 1: One-on-one personalized instruction Sessions 2-4: Small group lessons & discussion 1.5 hours per day

Hybrid course

On a hybrid TM course, only the first session is in person and the other three are completed remotely. Session 1: One-on-one personalized instruction Sessions 2-4: Virtual lessons with our interactive digital content and live video meetings with your TM instructor 2 hours per day

TM course details

To ensure the success of each student, TM is taught exclusively by certified instructors. Your instructor will guide you through your entire TM course and will continue to be available for ongoing support. This personalized and comprehensive service will give you a solid foundation for a lifetime of benefits from your TM practice.

Session 1: In-person one-on-one instruction On day one, you'll learn the essentials of TM and meditate for the first time. Afterward, you'll discuss your experience with your instructor, who will help you evaluate and refine your new practice. Sessions 2-4: In-person or online classes Each of these classes will include a meditation with your instructor, as well as further instruction on the dos and don’ts of correct practice, discussion, and feedback on your experiences. Topics will include how to know you’re meditating correctly, the mechanics of TM, how to fit meditation into your life, what different experiences during TM practice mean, what you can look forward to with regular practice, and more.

The majority of the TM course can be taken either in person or remotely. The first session, however, is always held in person, at a local TM Center or teaching space. There are TM Centers in most major cities, and 170+ teaching locations in the U.S.

TM course fee

As a non-profit organization, we’re committed to making TM and its benefits accessible to as many people as possible.

To honor this mission, the TM course fee is income-based and can be paid in 4 installments. We use an honor system and trust in your integrity.

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The TM course fee includes:

  • Personal one-on-one instruction
  • 3 group sessions
  • Personal meditation tune-ups & lifetime support from certified TM instructors
  • The TM app
  • Access to group meditations & TM events
  • A satisfaction guarantee
Book a TM course

Can’t afford the course? We also offer partial scholarships to deserving individuals in need. Contact your local TM instructor for details.

The TM journey

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    Learn the technique and enjoy the follow-up

    After completing the TM course, you'll have access to unlimited follow-up support in-person with any certified TM instructor in the U.S. and in the TM app, where you can review course highlights.

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    Join community events and group meditations

    Online and in-person group meditations bring the global TM community closer together and help you stay on track with your meditation.

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    Take your practice deeper

    Go on TM retreats or learn advanced meditation techniques to experience even deeper rest and accelerate your personal growth.

TM course locations

Most of the TM course takes place according to your preference: either in person or remotely. The first session, however, is always held in person, at a local TM Center or teaching space. The TM course is offered in 170+ locations in the U.S., including most major cities.