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Essential brain benefits

  • Improve focus and productivity

    During TM practice, there's an increase in coherent communication between different parts of your brain. This leads to better focus, comprehension, problem-solving, and motivation.

  • Access greater creativity

    The TM technique will help you tap into the reservoir of creativity within you. With regular practice, you'll find greater clarity of thought, new ideas, and more energy.

  • Achieve self-actualization

    Grounded in inner stillness, your self-awareness and perspective will naturally broaden. Experience more flow in your work and hobbies, and fulfillment in your day-to-day life.

Find an instructor

The TM technique improves learning ability, increases IQ scores, and decreases neuroticism. Start your journey by connecting with a local instructor today.

Heightened brain wave coherence gives rise to an experience of wholeness and improves cognitive function.

Holistic improvements to
intellectual performance

A study with 362 high school students found significant improvements to a range of measures of intelligence when practicing TM, compared to a control group.

How TM offers clarity and peace

watch the conversation with Martin Scorcese and Ray Dalio, in partnership with the David Lynch Foundation

Attend a free info session

Attend a group info session (in person or online) to learn more about TM from a certified TM instructor, including why it’s unique, how it works, and what makes it so effective.

Research on the effect of TM practice on brain development

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Explore the other benefits of TM

The TM technique also deepens sleep, improves heart health, reduces anxiety, and more.