Quarantine Has Been a Unique Opportunity to Slow Down and Imagine a New and Improved Future

Krista Kim is a contemporary artist who promotes the confluence of art and technology. She has lived and travelled through many cities around the world and exhibited her work in New York, Paris, and worldwide. Krista learned the Transcendental Meditation technique 7 years ago. We caught up with her during the pandemic to see what she has been up to, and how she has been coping.

What does a typical day in your week look like?
My day starts with Transcendental Meditation every morning. I find that TM really helps me on so many levels: I have improved clarity; I am focused; I am more creative; I am more productive; I am chill; I am more open, and I have more energy. Once I do my morning meditation, my day is filled with projects and interactions with agents and collaborators from all over the world. I spend the day creating art, exercising, daydreaming/brainstorming, working on projects, and being a mom. It is a mishmash of everything, and every day is different. I have two children, ages 10 and 12, and the randomness of motherhood, art, projects and travel is very enjoyable for me. I meditate every evening to release stress and process tons of ideas and stimuli from the day.

In one sentence, what describes your approach to life?
When you know who you are, and are connected to the Creator, you are empowered to create a beautiful life, supported by the universe.

Artwork by Krista Kim

Can you talk about your biggest success and biggest failure, what did you learn from them?
I think the best decisions I’ve made were because I believed in myself and trusted the universe. My failures were all a result of me surrendering my power to others and ignoring my intuition. I’ve learned to be centered in my own power and listen to the universe! Life has ups and downs and that will never change, but staying in the present moment through meditation, building strong relationships, and serving others is part of an ongoing process that brings success. Failures are blessings because they are opportunities for learning and growth.

What are your three favourite tools for a happy and healthy life?
Meditation is an invaluable tool because it expands my consciousness and the flourishing benefits are mysteriously abundant, yet interconnected like thriving branches of a tree. I also practice self-love, by expressing my creativity, and self-care, with good food, exercise, and people. I openly express love and care, especially for my kids.

Have you found your TM practice to be a helpful tool during this pandemic?
Absolutely. TM is the most effective form of stress release. Quarantine has been a unique opportunity to slow down and imagine a new and improved future. I believe we have the opportunity to create new systems that can thrive, whilst serving humanity and respecting Mother Earth. Collaboration and co-creation is the future!

Photo by Scott McIntyre

In what ways has your TM practice affected your creativity?
TM helped me reach breakthroughs in my artistic practice. My intuition is stronger, and ideas just come to me. Brainstorming is a literal flood of ideas that I capture through journaling or sketching. My mind is so focused, and I intuitively know when to take action. I take creative risks. TM is a game-changer.

Where is the oddest place you’ve ever meditated?
On a crowded NYC subway. I also do Ubers and airplanes.

If you could give someone one piece of advice when thinking about pursuing a life/career like yours, what would you tell them?
As an artist, you need to know who you are in order to contribute your signature unique ideas that shape our world. Meditate; you will discover who you truly are, and it will strengthen your intuition; intuition is your superpower!

Artwork by Krista Kim

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