My Personal Goal Is to Meditate Every Single Day


“And after my meditation, when I come out of it, I feel clearer. I feel more patient. I feel permission to go slower and to give myself the pause I know I need but typically have trouble allowing myself to do. I usually do my best work, my best thinking, and my best leading after a meditation.” Read more

The Only Person Who Can Make You Feel Like a Failure Is Yourself, and It Always Comes From Looking Outward, Not Inward


“I thought it was going to be difficult to practice or that it wouldn’t fit into my life, but in reality, it’s been just like brushing my teeth or making my bed.” Read more

Those Who Don’t Mind Doing Nothing Are Onto Something


“I downloaded the most popular meditation apps and searched for guided meditations on YouTube, but I found myself unable to take any of it seriously. My inability to relax made me all the more stressed. Meditation, I decided, wasn’t for me.” Read more

I Realized That I Am Not My Thoughts and My Thoughts Are Not Me


“I feel like every veteran could benefit from a consistent TM practice and would love to see it being offered to all veterans as part of the standard transition assistance.”Read more

Find a local certified TM teacher

I Remember Thinking I Couldn’t Believe I’d Lasted this Long on the Planet Without It


“Awakening is really the only way we can live in an authentic and connected way; meditation is really the gateway to this.” Read more

TM Has Given Me an Underlying Base of Happiness in My Life


“After meditation, I’m able to prioritize better when I have a list of tasks in front of me. It gives me more energy than I used to have and I think has made me generally a nicer and more positive person.” Read more

Just Keep Going, Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Achieve is Waiting For You.


I’ve dealt better with work madness, stress, unfortunate experiences, happy moments, fears, uncertainty, and yes, with this pandemic. Read more

Quarantine Has Been a Unique Opportunity to Slow Down and Imagine a New and Improved Future


“My mind is so focused, and I intuitively know when to take action. I take creative risks. TM is a game-changer.” Read more

A Chance to Check In


“I wish I could say that meditating became part of my life because I downloaded an app or felt an internal craving for it, but for me, my meditation practice came out of necessity… I had PTSD, and I needed help.” Read more

What Saved My Sanity – A Dior Executive Allows Herself Peace And Calm


Having worked in the beauty industry for more than 15 years, I realized one day, 6 years ago, that I was on a constant treadmill—literally and figuratively. I never stopped to think if I was happy or at peace. I was just fulfilling all the “shoulds” of my life. Read more

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