NBC Interviews A Veteran And A Psychologist On Overcoming PTSD With Transcendental Meditation

“Forty years failed to put much distance between veteran Jerry Yellin and the battlefields of World War II.” As part of PTSD Awareness Month, Washington D.C.’s NBC4 News interviewed WWII veteran Jerry Yellin and world renowned psychiatrist Norman E. Rosenthal. What do they have in common? Both practice the Transcendental Meditation technique, the technique to which Yellin attributes his recovery from depression, insomnia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Rosenthal recommends to his patients.

The Video: Produced and edited by NBC4, the full segment aired on June 4th. You can read the original NBC article here.

The Technique: Transcendental Meditation is a simple, natural, effortless technique practiced 20 minutes twice each day while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. It is easy to learn and enjoyable to practice, and is not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle. Over six million people have learned it — people of all ages, cultures, and religions — and over 380 published research studies have found that the TM technique markedly reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and promotes balanced functioning of mind and body. In one study, published in the Journal of Military Medicine, participants experienced a 40-55% reduction in symptoms of PTSD.