Meditation Is Not All “Listening To The Wind And The Trees And The Birds”


“I actually was not a believer in meditation. I always thought meditation was something that you had to clear your head [to do], which was something that I was really awful at. I thought you had to focus on something…but it was surprisingly really easy.” Read more

The Power of Habit: 6 Ways to Prioritize Your Transcendental Meditation Practice


Creating healthy new habits is a worthy pursuit any time of year! Any old Monday can be just as a much of a fresh start as January 1st. We hope these tips will help you find ways to create more time for yourself and your TM practice, no matter when you start! Read more

Finding Stillness Beyond The Surface


“I feel more depth and equanimity…there is a part of me that is deeper and unshakable. That part offers a little whispered voice during those really tough moments, that says: this is the surface. There is something beyond this, and you are fine there.” Read more

“It Hit Me, Quite Literally, After Endless Months Of Going To Sleep Wired”


“With the thick soup of emotions, activities, actions, and lack of sleep that makes up modern life, many of us find ourselves in a constant state of stress — whether we realize it or not. Our fight or flight responses are jacked up, leaving us in a pickle of confused cortisols and befuddled coping mechanisms, which really just mask the inner noise.” Read more

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Tom Hanks And The Afternoon Crash


The Afternoon Crash. The 3 O’clock Slump. The Post-Lunch Syndrome. Whatever you call it, we’ve all experienced that point in the afternoon where energy seems to evaporate and productivity plummets. Read more

Changing Lives & Transforming Education


At the Sacred Heart School in Lake Worth, FL, and other schools all around the world, the “Quiet Time” program is giving students the extra edge they need to succeed! Read more

A Highly Personal Yet Highly Impersonal Endeavor


I wake up every day excited to give people – rich or poor – a precious tool to transform their lives in ways they hadn’t even imagined, and to discover a wealth of possibilities within themselves. Read more

Life With Terminal Cancer — Finding A Positive Perspective That Fosters Mental And Emotional Healing


I thrive on being busy and learning new things, and so I’m struggling to adjust to the idea that my time may be getting cut quite short. It has suddenly become impossibly hard to figure out what I actually do have time for anymore. At this point, for me to take on anything new, I really have to believe in its merits. Read more

Effortless Meditation For Children (Because Anxiety Doesn’t Care How Old You Are)


Although kids rarely beg their parents to find them a meditation teacher, research indicates that when they establish a practice, the Transcendental Meditation technique benefits them just as it does adults. Read more

Raising Healthy, Resilient & Self-Driven Children


How often do you come across something that will give your children the gift of being able to take a step back, to de-stress and find calm amidst the chaos of life? This is why having my kids learn the TM technique has been so rewarding for me. Read more

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