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  • Magda Arfelis – Barcelona

    I *love* the blog! Me encanta :) Very inspiring for the world!

  • Jozef Kujundzic

    Nice channel, hopefully the rise of collective consciousness will grow faster in every country not only in Latin America and few countries here and there!
    Best reg to all! Jozef from Serbia

  • Deborah Moore

    I am looking for other to share TM with – I have been doing TM for over 30 years and would love to have others to share with – I am Sacramento California USA – near Fair Oaks area – Is ther anyone out there that would like to spend time doing TM with me?? Thanks and blesssings

    • Anton Moser

      Thank you for that inspiration!
      Greetings from Berlin

    • Nadine Evering

      I wish u were in Florida because this is an experience I would love to try. I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder for over twenty years and nothing seems to work. I need something that can calm me sufficiently to function properly.

      • admin

        Hi Nadine,

        It sounds like TM is exactly what you need! To find the teacher nearest you, simply fill out this contact form, and you can speak with the TM teacher nearest you.

        All the best

  • Mary Ruwart

    What are the location of your Austin centers?

  • Amy

    I have practiced TM with a Jesuit priest many years ago in Italy. Now I’m in NY to study the language. Those of you who practice in this area?

  • Don McCollum

    Living in WI and need to get back to TM. Are there people in Milwaukee or Madison?

  • Nancy

    I am a 25 year meditator…are there centers in Tucson or Phoenix?
    Or at least like minded folk?

    Blessings, Nancy

    • Nithin

      Hi Nancy,

      I am in Phoenix/Glendale, AZ area and would be interested in interacting with folks about TM experiences in this area. I have been practising TM for quite some time and I’m loving it.


      • Trish

        Did you find a place to practice in Phoenix?

      • Richard Hobbs

        Please call 1-888-LEARN-TM or send your details inat the link below, so your nearest teacher’s details can be sent to you.

  • Dorit Goldschmidt

    I am looking for Governor Joanna Plafsky from NY

  • Chad E

    Are there any centers in Columbus Ohio?

  • Sonja Kristina This youtube video is my tribute to TM .. Across the Universe .. performed at War What is it For.. an anti war event in Camden Town London May 2010

  • Bill R

    Phoenix-metro area TM Center can be located at our website:


  • Bill Upton

    Just finished the introductory presentation and am very interested in continuing to learn TM. How do I know that the instructor is the best for me?

  • Richard Hobbs

    If you call 1-888-LEARN-TM you can talk to a Call Center Teacher and they can advise you of Certified Teachers in your area. All Certified Teachers have undertaken a systematic and extensive course structured by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to ensure that everyone learns 100% properly to enjoy the many benefits.

    Hope that helps?

  • mukuns b. soni

    I want contact number of the tm teacher in Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India

  • Richard Hobbs

    Mukuns — If you fill in your details in the link below, you will be sent information on Local Teachers in your area.

  • Dale Krajewski

    Dear T M ,
    I did learn T M some time ago in Lakewood Colorado by Lance & Billie, then,
    man & wife. At ome point they went their own way, Lance went onto some other Country with-in T M . I think Billie stayed in Lakewood for a time.
    And I don’t know what had happen their after. They had 2 small children, staying w/ Billie. I am very interested in re-entry to T M. It has been so very good, for me. Also, I would like to explain, why I left T M . Please give me someone to e /m abouut this.

  • Marti

    Looking for Maharishi Meditators near Midland, Michigan. Looking to get back into it and remember that group meditation has great benefits. Thanks!

  • lalitha

    lovely blog!!!awesome!!gr8 2 hear abt tm so much!!!!!!keep posting!!!!!!!!
    hats off!!:)

  • Michelle

    I have been practicing TM for a year now. I will be visiting India in mid June and would love to practice at an ashram. I will be traveling with a friend who has not been trained so it would be beneficial for her to receive some training. We are also interested in volunteering, practicing yoga and taking craft/cooking classes.

    Does anyone have recommendations for locations/connections in India where we could have this kind of experience.

    Thank you.

  • David Lewis

    A pleasure to reconnect with a TM person. It’s been a long time since Jerry
    introduced me to TM in Westwood.




  • Luisa Aguilera

    Is there a center in Costa Rica, Central America?

  • ourania

    Hello everyone. I live in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. I want to learn TM technique. As I see there is no official Maharishi Meditation Center in my country… So please inform me if there is a certified Teacher here or in Athens. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Ourania, please go here to find your nearest teacher.

    • giannis

      Ourania i live in Thessaloniki too but there seems to be a problem when i try to find out if there is a teacher there. So could you tell me from your own research if there is one?

      • admin

        Giannis, I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble finding a teacher in your area. Here is the name and phone number for a certified teacher in Greece Demetrios Glykas
        +30 (69) 47 85 15 71

  • Srinivas Varadarajan

    I would like to learn Transcendental Meditation. I live in Singapore. Are there instructors here who can teach me please?

  • M Kalin

    please subscribe for all news
    Thank you

  • Anirudh Sonthalia

    Any TM locations in Singapore ? If not, can I learn online or by reading some books ? I’ve been doing Yoga, so might be able to pick it up. Please help, couldn’t find any response from the local TM contact that I got from the website.

  • hitaji aziz

    I need this NOW !!! I live in Houston and can get this out to many people through my radio show and through my activst work in the community. I wast tol earn for me as well as teach this. Are there any scholorships for this or can i work out a payment plan…………832 746 3627. It is time to upgrade my meditaion practice and I am ready………………………Peace

  • margaret vincent

    Thank you. I am a retired psychiatrist who has led many meditation groups and several years ago began a book based on the concept of meditation leading to reduction in violence. i was subsequently surprised and delighted to see the actual data on this subject My book ‘Meditation, Peace and Mystical Being,’ is presented in weekly blogs and, though it is fiction, the concept of mediation/violence reduction is at its core and taken seriously. The aim of the book was to propagate this idea which i have since seen has many devotees. Sincerely,
    Margaret Vincent

  • margaret vincent

    I wrote a book [fiction] several years ago about meditation and peace— prior to learning about the data supporting this idea. I have the book on a blog,, if anyone is interested.
    Thank you for your work,
    Margaret Vincent

  • dr rakesh dullu

    i learned TM 10 years back…its the most powerful mechanism to bring about peace,harmony and balance in our lives…..enough research data proving its great effectiveness in balancing blood pressure,heart function as well as various levels of brain function. it energises creative intelligence….

  • Ashok

    I have tried to inquire by sending an email with yr standard form …but keeps saying zip code not valid. Hong Kong is 0000- even though I place another country and zip code – the form cannot be submitted.

    Can you pls inform me where and when is the next talk/ teaching schedule in TM in HONGKONG THANK You very much.

  • Ravikumar

    Is there Maharishi Transcedental Meditation Centre in Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu, INDIA ?????

    • admin

      Hello Ravikumar,

      Try filling in your information here:

      If this does not work, let me know.

  • aava

    i have been practicing TM for years and i like to have contacts of a teacher in kathmandu or else one of the experts where i could contact i have some questions to ask regarding TM,plz help

    • admin

      Hello Aava,

      Try filling in your information here:

      If this does not work, let me know.

      • aava

        oh no this is also not working!!!!!

  • jamalshah

    he who forwards denies his self


    Loving TM and this website!

  • Elyzabeth

    Hi!!!! I’m so interest in starting with TM, it,s the time of my live that I really need to expand my spirit and looking foward to see if you have any centers near Santa Clarita area in California, Thank you so much.

    • admin


      If you fill in your information here: a TM teacher in your area will contact you. Or call: 1-888-LEARN-TM (1-888-532-7686)

      Thank you :)

  • Youssef

    Please I’m looking for a TM teacher near RABAT in Morocco,you sent me the e-mail of Rogers Badgett but I couldn’t contact him I didn’t receive his number.
    Please I’m very interested in TM.

    • admin


      I am very sorry about your trouble in learning TM. There are not many TM teachers in Morocco. I am doing my best to find a way to get you in contact with Rogers Badgett. I will contact you privately as soon as possible about the matter.

      Nathan – TM Blog Administrator

  • Rajesh Kumar madhyani

    anyone practising TM in Kolkata ?

  • behrouz

    hi… i learn this technique in 16 years ago. and i havent meditate frome 10 years ago until now… but i decided beginning that . can i use the same mantra that my teacher learn me in 16 years ago?…
    thanks a lot.

    • admin


      You may use your same mantra you learned 16 years ago. However, you should probably have your TM checked by a local teacher. If you’d like to fill out this form, , or call 1-888-LEARN-TM and a TM teacher in your area wil contact you about getting your meditation checked. Hope you enjoy your practice!

      Nathan – TM Blog Administrator

  • Holly

    I am VERY interested in learning TM, but my family is in a bit of a financial crisis right now and we do not have a dime to spare. Plus, I live in a state & city that I doubt would offer anything locally. Any suggestions as to what I can do to get on the path of transcendental meditation under these circumstances??? I have a husband who is intrigued as well and an (almost) 4 yr old daughter that I’d love to expose this path of spirituality. Thanks for any input. :)

    • admin

      Hi Holly,

      There are many TM teachers around the world. Chances are, there’s one near you. If you’d like to fill out your information here, , a TM teacher in your area will contact you shortly. You may also call 1-888-LEARN-TM (1-888-532-7686). Good luck Holly! If you need any further assistance to hesitate to ask.

      Nathan – TM Blog Administrator

      • admin

        Also Holly,

        We offer reduced rates for students, couples, families, children, and those under financial hardship. Tell the teacher who contacts you your situation and they will be delighted to help.

        Nathan – TM Blog Administrator

  • karen Johnson

    I am interested in finding a teacher in the St. Louis Metro (ILL) area. I live in Glen Carbon, IL 62034.

    Thanks for your help.

    • admin

      Hello Karen,

      There is a beautiful TM Center in St. Louis which I believe is about a half hour from Glen Carbon. If you fill out your info here,, a TM teacher in your area will contact you shortly. Hope this helps. Good luck on your journey Karen!

      Nathan – TM Blog Administrator

      • admin

        You may also call 1-888-LEARN-TM (1-888-532-7686) if you prefer.

  • Janet

    I went through TM instruction at around the age of 16-17 and practiced it for a couple years but then tapered off and stopped. I’ve done it here and there over the years but never on a regular basis again. I am now 54 years old and am planning to go back to meditating. My question is if I can, after all these years still find a TM center and go for “check ups”? Is that still done?

  • Lisa Manning

    What if someone is not able to pay the tuition? What options are there?

    • admin

      Lisa, I do not know how you got skipped over. I am sorry for this. If you are still interested in learning TM and are not able to afford it, you should fill out this contact form, and get in touch with a TM teacher in your area. Explain to him or her your situation and perhaps they can help you out. Good Luck Lisa!

  • admin

    I’m glad you’re planning on getting back on track Janet. The answer to your question is yes. You can absolutely start practicing again and you can definitely get checked, I recommend it. If you’d like to fill out your information here, , a TM teacher in your area will contact you shortly and you can talk to him or her about getting checked. You may also call 1-888-LEARN-TM (1-888-532-7686) if you prefer. Good luck Janet! I think you’re going to really enjoy getting checked and starting to practice TM regularly.

    • Janet

      Thank you for your respone, I only just saw it today. I will give that number a call.

      • admin

        No problem Janet! Hope it all works out smoothly.

  • Betty

    Is there any way to spend time in the community of Fairfield and learn the art of TM within a few days time? How much would this cost?

  • admin

    Yes Betty, you have many options. There is a course happening in July called “Experience the Self”, you can find more info on it here In this course you will learn the Transcendental Meditation Technique and have an opportunity to learn many other related things. There is a 5 day course option. If that is not what you’re looking for here is the TM center in Fairfield’s phone number, (641) 472-1174. Give them a call and they would be happy to answer any questions you might have about time and cost. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with. Good Luck Betty!

  • Sylvia


    I’ve already learned TM, but am interested to know where you have large concentrations of TM-ers in the US. I’m thinking of leaving where I live (new orleans) and looking for a more “meditation friendly” city in the US. Any advice? Your website doesn’t list centers or ashrams for practicing…just sites for learning. Thanks,

  • admin

    Hi Sylvia!

    The centers listed on the website all have, usually regular, group practice of TM. Here is the number for the TM center in New Orleans (504) 485-9596. They will be happy to let you know when these group practices are done.

    As for a “meditation friendly” city there are probably many but it doesn’t get much friendlier than Fairfield, IA. Here is a website with tons of great information on this fascinating town.

    Hope this helps Sylvia! Let me know if you have any further questions.

    - Nathan

  • Ann B

    I would love to learn TM but the cost is prohibitive. I am dealing with cancer and my husband with neck fusion surgery and I think TM would be a great tool to have during this time. But $1500 is more than we, or most people, can afford. If TM is so great and can change peoples lives then I think it should be more available to everyone. Why does it have to cost this much?

  • Craig Berg

    This BBC report shows the great creativity TM stimulates:

  • mark G.

    Does anyone know if there is recording of the Sama Veda available for purchase?

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