“Speak Well of Others” – Maharishi

by Bob Roth on October 13, 2011

In the early 1970s, Maharishi held several month-long summer courses in the Science of Creative Intelligence on U.S. university campuses, which were attended by thousands of meditating participants. A highlight of the courses was the question-and-answer sessions with Maharishi on a wide-range of topics, including the purpose of life and the development of higher states of consciousness. The following question for Maharishi came during the August 1970 course at Humboldt State College in Arcata, California.


Question: Maharishi, in your commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita you write that not finding fault and not speaking ill of others is counted an essential prerequisite to achieve higher states of consciousness. You say that when a man speaks ill of others, “he partakes of the sins of those of whom he speaks. “How does speaking ill of others and finding fault slow down our progress and coarsen the nervous system? What are the mechanics involved?

Maharishi: What comes out indicates what’s been inside. So if the wrongs of some other people come out, that means the wrong was stored inside. It just tells the structure of the heart, what is contained inside. If someone never speaks ill of others, that means he has a pure heart, he doesn’t have the wrong inside. If something wrong was done by some man, why should I bring that wrong, through thinking or remembering, and try to keep it in my heart? And if I speak it out, that means I had stored something of that. And if wrong is stored, then the heart is not pure. It just indicates what kind of storage is here, whether purity is stored or impurity is stored.

Speaking ill of others means first transplant the wrong of his heart in our heart, transplant the wrong of his mind to our mind, and then let that plant grow into a tree until it comes out. Many-fold it comes out. The whole process is dragging to evolution. It drags us down.

If you have not spoken out any wrong of anyone, that means you don’t have any wrong in your heart. This is a measure. We never think ill of others, because if someone has done wrong, why should we bring it in our heart and make our heart impure? It’s not necessary. But if our heart is already impure, it will be picking its like from here and there and strengthening its quality.

There is that proverb: “Birds of the same feather flock together.” If there is filth deposited in the heart, then it will collect more filth from here. Birds of the same feather flock together. And then whatever has been flocked together, it will start to fly out.

One can’t say, “Oh, how can that man behave like that, when he is a meditator?” That means we don’t know how much good has increased in him. We didn’t see him three years ago. There is always an improvement.

We never think anything negative of anyone, particularly because once we are meditating, our thought force is increasing very greatly. And if with this increased thought force we think low of someone, we are pushing him down to be that low.

Never do we think any wrong thoughts of others, nor do we speak them out. Never.

It’s not necessary to use our time and energy of thinking and speaking on something that does not improve our life, that does not help us to grow. It’s not worthwhile.

So spend your energy and get joy, happiness, evolution, more ability to enjoy, more ability to create. In this field we spend our energy and time.

Previously printed: June 2001 Enlightenment Magazine
Further reference: The Science of Being and the Art of Living, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Chapter: The Art of Speaking


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  • Tom

    This is a beautiful explanation. I will try to remember it.

  • John

    Do unto others, real truth echoes throughout all religions ,when will we realize we are all one. when we meditate “all” and become one. jai guru dev. thank you Maharishi for speaking to our hearts. where we can heal the world.

  • http://www.charlottebenson.com Charlotte Benson

    Great reinforcement of an essential point. This is something we can remember to do (and *not* do), and actively model culture in these chaotic times. Thank you for providing this lovely little discourse. :) Jyoti Devi

  • Nirmala

    Thank you so much Gurudev for this wonderful message and thank you Mr. Bob W. for making us aware of it through this website.
    Looking forward to more such messages.

  • Samiappan S

    This knowledge come to me at right time. Excellent…

  • Stephen

    I don’t believe there can be a better explanation, however understanding it and accepting is where others may have a difficulty

  • Kathryn Mollach

    Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. ….the universality of great truths.

  • Betty Yaroch

    My two sons guided me to Transendental Meditation many years ago
    and it has been my joy to meditate twice daily ever since. I am grateful
    for this enrichment of my life.

  • http://tm-meditasjon.no Tore Mjøs

    The truth clings in everyones heart and mind when we hear it. This is a universal truth that no one can neglect or turn away from and is the very basis of success in life. When it is lived in its pure form from the deepest level, – from within, – it is also the basis of invincibility in personal and social life.

  • K Arjunan Roy

    “We never think anything negative of anyone, particularly because once we are meditating, our thought force is increasing very greatly. And if with this increased thought force we think low of someone, we are pushing him down to be that low.” Recently a man told me this; A meditator (not from TM but from another school of meditation) out of anger uttered a curse onto another guy. For the meditator surprise the guy was killed in an accident the next day. Only then the meditator knew that his negative words can become a powerful curse

  • Adi

    We live in a such a competitive world that this means that we have to dismiss the abilities and values of our peers… Little we enciurage to have positive thoughts and meditate on their inner beauty so it can grow…

  • http://www.Reverbnation.comdavidapolloband David Speyer

    So good to be reminded about this! Just when I really needed to hear it (again). So often it is so easy to get caught up in criticizing someone else. If seems at the time that this really needs saying or expressing, but the net result is never good. Why take on that karma? It only serves darkness, and that’s the last thing we need to be doing now.

    • K Arjunan Roy

      David, I very much agree with you. I earlier told a real incident of a meditator unintentionally thinking negatively about another guy (X). For the meditator’s surprise X was killed in an accident the next day. Now that the meditator knows the power of his thinking, he told himself that he will never in the future thing badly about others. In the competitive, busy & complicated world it’s a huge task not to have negative thoughts about others; especially thinking negatively about our colleagues, supervisors, bosses etc seem to be a day-in-day-out affair. Nevertheless we as TM meditators must train ourselves to avoid these negative thoughts. Can someone shed more light on how to avoid these negative thoughts in this very active world?

  • sanjay naik

    one of the most incredible explanation..i’v ever heard…so beautiful!!! maharishi u r awesome!!!! jai guru dev!!!!


    I’ve been meditating 39 years…rarely missed a meditation…still have lots
    of negative thoughts and judgements.Though, I understand my need for self-empathy and compassion when I am disconnected from “wholeness”. To tell myself “never judge” would not be authenthic, and “shoulding myself” doesn’t seem to contribute to my “Real” evolution. TM helps to discern what’s “Real” more readily and the work still needs to be done by each person for themselves.

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