What’s gotten into veteran CNN reporter Candy Crowley?

by Linda Mainquist on November 7, 2010

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This past year has been a remarkable one in the career of veteran journalist Candy Crowley. The Washington Post reports that Crowley’s new assignment as anchor of CNN’s popular Sunday morning State of the Union program has been applauded by the public and media alike because of her sophisticated political observation, skillful speech, and determined fairness.

She is not the usual type of TV anchor. These days, anchors are too often brash and opinionated, with more than a touch of Hollywood flash. They are just another brand of celebrity.


Crowley is clearly a different breed. As a frequent viewer of her show, I find that Crowley embodies the intelligent, broad-minded reporter who can easily handle a nuanced conversation expressly devoid of personal bias.

The Washington Post writes: “Crowley is beloved inside the halls of CNN and roundly respected in official Washington, a veteran political reporter who works hard and knows her stuff…. Friends and colleagues describe her as brilliant and hilarious…. This is a woman who has been a vegetarian for 15 years and kneels to meditate twice a day, every day.”

candy-crowly-showTwo years ago, before she started practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique, things were a bit different for Crowley. A veteran of eight presidential campaigns, she had begun showing signs of “battle fatigue” from relentless deadlines and incessant travels. So in the aftermath of the brutal 2008 presidential election cycle, Crowley decided it was time to make some significant personal changes to regain her health and resilience. One of the main changes was to learn the TM® technique and make it a part of her daily routine.

Early this year the LA Times interviewed Crowley and quoted her as saying that of all the new things she has adopted to make her life healthier and better, the Transcendental Meditation program has made the biggest difference.

“It’s a hard thing to describe, but I find that my thought is clearer,” Crowley recently told the Washington Post. “I still get mad. I still get upset. But I let it go more quickly.”

And that has to be good news for a high-profile television anchor covering the outrage of Washington politics.

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  • http://tmnews james chesnut

    candy’s come a long way-We notice a big difference. I admire her reporting.
    I should be strict vegetarian, eat less candy, and watch CNN Candy mostly.
    Obama was destined to be winner super tues. ’08; the night Maharishi died.
    He spend a lot of time at Maharishi U. during election. Peace. keep up the
    good work.

  • Ed Botsko

    “It’s a hard thing to describe, but I find that my thought is clearer,” Crowley recently told the Washington Post. “I still get mad. I still get upset. But I let it go more quickly.”
    That pretty much says it all…and certainly describes my experience.

  • shawn

    But I cannot afford 1500.00, why so expensive?

  • http://tm.org Richard Hobbs

    To learn Transcendental Meditation properly you need a qualified teacher and a thorough, personalized course of instruction. This ensures that every person, regardless of their learning ability, culture, age or background can learn to meditate properly, and, thereby experience the many important benefits that come from the experience of the correct practice of meditation.
    Providing you with a proper educational experience necessitates certain expenses, including compensating the professional instructors who teach the technique, and paying for teaching facilities. The tuition helps our nonprofit organization (Maharishi Foundation USA) cover those expenses.

    For those who cannot afford to pay the tuition, we offer financial aid in the same way other educational organizations do. Many people that qualify receive grants, scholarships, loans, etc. Over the past 4 years more than 150,000 at-risk students have learned TM on full-scholarships.

  • Captcrush

    Too bad she wasn’t into TM when she incorrectly argued with Romney in favor of Obama about Benghazy, in the second presidential debate of 2008…She is just another talking head for the Liberal left. Where have the journalists of our time gone? The Huntley & Brinkley of yesteryears, where they provided news without any tilt whatsoever.

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