Maharishi: A rare glimpse into the message of meditation from 40 years ago

by Bob Roth on April 8, 2010


There are literally tens of thousands of hours of audiotape and videotape footage of Maharishi speaking: on the unbounded nature of human consciousness, on the wide-ranging benefits and subtle mechanics of the Transcendental Meditation technique, on the unity of life that underlies both man and nature. Much of the videotapes come from Maharishi’s keynote addresses over 50 years to government conferences, science symposiums, education seminars, and business meetings in virtually all countries.

There are also countless hours of videotape of Maharishi talking to the press.

In 1968, at the height of one of many spikes of interest in the Transcendental Meditation technique over the past five decades, Maharishi was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcast Corp (CBC) Television while in the midst of leading an advanced meditation course at Lake Louise in Canada. As Maharishi walked along the banks of the lake, he spoke about the inner nature of life and how meditation allows any individual to unfold the limitless energy, creativity, and power that lies, latent, within every human being.

In 1968, the word “meditation” was still an oddity, research on the Transcendental Meditation technique was just in its early stages at Harvard and UCLA medical schools, and there were just a few hundred thousand people meditating around the world.

Today, everything has changed. Just take a look at the content of this blog and the website.

This classic video provides a rare glimpse into Maharishi’s message from over 40 years ago—a message that inspired a generation of young people, that captured the interest of researchers, and that led Time magazine, in a cover story on “The Science of Meditation” in 2004, to proclaim Maharishi as the teacher most responsible for the upsurge of interest in meditation in the West.

The video is just six minutes, but it tells the whole story.


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  • Dr.Ashok kumar

    TM is the only technology that can create peace permanently on this earth and by this technology we will make our dear country Pakistan peaceful , harmonious,prosperous and invincible.

  • Kevin Sean Michaels

    A wonderful clip– Maharishi knew what he was talking about. Transcendental Meditation seems complex at first and it is very simple and easy to integrate into one’s life.

  • Kevin Heney

    Such a delightful and refreshing bit of footage of Maharishi sharing wonderful knowledge, and such a beautiful setting. Thanks for posting.

  • Ed Broderick

    What a lovely, beautiful video. Maharishi says so much with so few words.

  • Juho Tunkelo

    One of the most beautiful videos ever on Maharishi, I think I still have this on VHS somewhere, heh.

  • DR.C

    I am student, with stress, anxiety,sleepless nights for months and years fine day,my strong determination made me to start meditation ..I have experienced a great change in my lifestyle has entirely changed .. I fell I am the happiest person in the world with out stress and anxiety..i enjoy the true nature of the world hopes come true …

  • Christian Gaspaldy

    A wonderful lecture. Maharishi’s teaching is perfect. This tidal wave of bliss and pure knowledge from our Perfect Teacher, gives me the strong desire to share with everyone the link to my humble caribbean homage to him :
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my profound gratitude to Maharishi.

  • Francis Kiumbi

    Wonderful! Jai Guru Dev

  • John Rademacher

    Can someone comment on benefits and negatives around the cost of learning TM? As this process is so simple it appears a little extraordinary to offer such a foundational technique at a price not comfortably available to so many. If we want to change the individual toward World for peace shouldn’t this process, like prayer, be available for virtually free or for a donation. Hasn’t this been available in India for many hundreds of years? If money is an issue, the Catholics don’t charge for any of their Sacraments and they are definitely wealthy and collect donations.
    Thanks Much

    • Mario Orsatti

      John, Thank you for your comment. Your questions are logical ones to raise.

      The technique Maharishi revived from the ancient Vedic tradition is truly simple, natural and effective–a true blessing for all mankind. Prior to Maharishi’s teaching of the TM technique, such a simple, natural system of meditation was unknown in India or in any other part of the world.

      Maharishi insisted that the TM technique be properly taught. He created an extensive training course to qualify TM teachers and a systematic curriculum that enables people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to learn the technique. He choose for it to be offered to society not like a religious sacrament, but like an essential educational tool. He saw the TM technique and the experience it provides as something as important as learning to read or write.

      The goal of the Maharishi Foundation, the non-profit organization responsible for the teaching of the TM technique is to make this technique available to every man, woman and child on earth. Now, it’s not unusual for some people to reply, “Hey friends, you are not going to fulfill that goal given the current tuition for the TM course.” Please let me try to explain why we have chosen the tuition-structure we have, and how, in spite of it, we plan to bring this invaluable knowledge to everyone in society.

      As with other non-profit, educational organizations–other schools–we are using the logic that we have to start with our best calculation of the “cost of service”–facilities, teacher compensation, etc.–and to create a fee structure that will cover those educational expenses. Like other private educational institutions we feel the key to fulfilling our goals is to both ensure that we have a tuition structure that covers expenses and operation, while providing all the financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.) needed so that TM courses are readily available to everyone. We are not at our goal yet but we are making progress. The numbers of people who cannot afford to cover the cost of tuition but who are able to learn TM for free or reduced rates has grown substantially over the past decades.

      The Maharishi Foundation is able to offer grants and scholarships to those in need. Many of our centers have special scholarship funds to ensure that anyone who wants to learn can afford to do so. Here in the United States, the Maharishi Foundation also uses a percentage of the TM course fees to support TM programs in developing countries.

      With the help of the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace over the past 5 years alone more than 140,000 at-risk students have learned the TM technique tuition-free. The DLF is also providing scholarships to Native Americans, those in rehabilitation for substance abuse and homelessness, prison staff and inmates and veterans suffering from PTSD. (

      The DLF is helping us inspire more foundations to support people learning TM. This is something that will not only help bring TM to hundreds of thousands more people, but at the same time will keep our facilities paid for and improving, and our teachers compensated in ways that will allow them to make teaching this knowledge a full-time profession.

      We also believe that the growing scientific validation of the benefits of the TM program will naturally lead to the kind of institutional support that will make TM instruction freely available through businesses, health care programs and other institutions. By establishing in more and more rigorous ways the value of having people learn and practice TM, we believe that the ground is going to be well-laid for TM instruction to be a part of the life of our society with the cost of instruction covered for all.

  • George Denniston MD

    When I learned TM in 2003, the cost was $2500.00. Indeed, I would have felt “ripped off” except that I believed in what Maharishi was trying to do and also felt that he was spending the money wisely. So I thought of most of it as a gift to him. Now of course I realize that his gift to me is priceless, and is what everyone will want to do if we are to have a New Age, with each of us having greater awareness of our eternal nature and of our Divinity.

  • peterfromflorida

    Is the movement digitizing MMY video tapes and recordings to preserve them for future generations? Analog video and audio tape will not last forever they can be corrupted; but digital recording have a more invicinble life span as the data is converted into 01100101001010100101010101010010101.

  • vaibhav aksh

    Transcendental Meditation gives one a high feeling in life surpassing everything that is material.

  • internet radio player

    Hello, everybody! I think that meditation is a very helpful skill in our modern stressful life. It helps to relax, to feel your inner world and find peace in your heart. At first, it may seem difficult to concentrate on your thoughts and feelings, but with practice you find out that it becomes easier to calm down through meditation.

  • Frank

    Eternal bliss infinitely

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