David Lynch Interviews Paul McCartney About Transcendental Meditation (Part 1)

by Heather Hartnett on April 8, 2010

What a night! A little more than a year ago, on April 4, 2009, former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney headlined a historic, one-night-only benefit concert promoting the Transcendental Meditation technique for the David Lynch Foundation at Radio City Music Hall in New York, entitled “Change Begins Within.” Paul McCartney was joined onstage by his former band-mate Ringo Starr and several other amazing musicians, including Donovan, Eddie Vedder, Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, and Moby. Six-thousand energized music fans, foundation well-wishers, and meditation supporters packed the hall for what several press reports called “the musical event of a lifetime.”

Before the concert, before the hubbub and the crazy excitement and the buzz, before it all, David Lynch sat down, individually, with Paul and with Ringo for a quiet talk on camera. They candidly discussed their 40-plus year Transcendental Meditation practice, their meetings with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and how Maharishi and meditation have influenced their lives. It was the first time in decades that Paul and Ringo had spoken of those days that historians have said helped to transform the music, the culture, and the future of the world.

In this first episode in an ongoing series of short clips from those historic interviews, David asks Paul what he first thought of when he heard the word “meditation.”

“It was actually George Harrison’s wife, Patti, who had heard Maharishi was coming to town.” Paul said, “And she said we should all go…[I was] just overdoing it in the ‘60s. I was just not very centered and I was looking for something. I think we all were. So we heard that Maharishi was going to have a meeting and give a lecture. So that was the first time I’d heard about meditation.”

Paul paused for a moment as he recalled those transformative days four decades ago when he first heard about the Transcendental Meditation technique and met Maharishi: “It was very interesting. It was very calming and it seemed like something that was worth trying. [Maharishi] put it very well. He made it seem simple; he made it seem very attractive.”

Next week: Paul talks about when Maharishi first taught him to meditate.


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  • http://www.laughingbaba.com Louis Guadagnino

    Thanks so much for highlighting these historical interviews. Fate has seemingly joined Maharishi and The Beatles together for all time.

  • http://www.asherfergusson.com Asher

    Nice article Heather.

    For me, it is always enjoyable to hear stories about Maharishi and especially cool that they are recorded on high quality video.

    McCartney looks pretty good for a 67 year old, could it be from his meditation practice? :P

    Thanks – please keep the videos coming!

  • Paul Quesnell

    Nice interview. I look forward to parts 2 & 3 and…

  • http://www.birding-naturalist-trinidad.com Geoffrey Gomes

    I have been a meditator since 1996, and it is such a joyful pleasure to know that Maharishi’s simple technique has inspired, and continues to inspire such positive causes, effects and responses in the world. Overtly and subtly. Thanks for keeping the good spirit of it all alive and well. And thanks to Paul & Ringo for continuously singing the songs of peace, love and understanding.

    Best wishes to everyone!

  • http://www.oregonphotos.com/index.html Bruce J.

    I’ve been meditating since 1973. Truth to tell, I’ve seldom been as regular in my practice as I am supposed to be, but over all these years I’ve never regreted learning the technique, and I always come back to its calm center. I, like Paul, recall the wonderful humor of Maharishi, and I miss his giggles very much. I never met him in person, but in the old days, we’d have weekly group meditations and listen to his latest video tapes.

  • Kate Scanlan

    Loved this and would love to see more.

  • Andy Katz

    Paul McCartney has natural good looks. That is why he still looks pretty good at 67 years old. He is the one we used to call the ‘good looking Beatles’.

    I would like to know if TM influenced their music. Something changed in their music around 1966 or 1967. They went from singing standard pop love songs to some unusual stuff which has now become classics. Like Elenore Rigby.

    • Annette DuQuesnay

      The Beatles were musical geniuses and Paul and Ringo continue the legacy. We miss George Harrison and John Lennon. Their music will be immortalized. Many of the songs that they wrote spoke of peace and love and were influenced by the teachings of the Maharishi. The Change Within concert was an inspiration to us all.

  • http://www.philipgoldberg.com Phil Goldberg

    The lecture Paul, George and John attended (Ringo wasn’t there) was in August 1967. I believe it was at the London Hilton. So TM would not have influenced Revolver, Rubber Soul or Sgt. Pepper. But almost all the songs on the White Album were written, or at least conceived, during their time in Rishikesh.

  • george lynch

    loved the interview with paul mcartney,it was the beatles involvement that tuned me into maharish’s tm in 1981,and like he said his laugh was infectous i’ve watched alot of tapes of maharishi over the yrs,and if you don’t believe what u hear you’ve got to believe what you see.That was my experience,through the tm technique i found that happiness and peace comes from within not in external influence’s and substance’s.

    jai guru dev

  • http://TM-Armenia Svetlana Galstyan

    I love these interviews. Thank you ever so much.

  • Ashok kumar

    My very dear David Lynch
    The whole family of Maharishiji in Pakistan invite you to come Pakistan and spread the supreme message of our dearest Maharishiji ,my country needs this thing as soon as possible so plz plz come and give us chance to raise in peace ,harmony and prosperity.
    Ashok kumar TM teacher in Pakistan.

  • Neville Morley

    Thanks for sending the interview with Paul McCartney. A lovely time for them to learn TM in the sixties and with Maharishi to teach them was special.

    Much gratitude to Maharishi for this technique and to the Vedic Masters of the past. My personal thanks to John Oldbury for his persistance in teaching me Vedic Science; these were most enlightening.

  • Joe

    It is a centering process, in my opinion.

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